14 November 2012

Sore. Still

I am really sore. Really sore, and a bit sad too. I think, because I have not improved in more than a week, I will go to hospital tomorrow. I don’t want to be there, but maybe I need stronger treatment and more rest than I am currently allowing myself.

People are asking me, all with good intentions, why I have been so sore? Did I go to the races, did I drink too much? Is it a change in the weather? Is it my diet? Is it stress?

I don’t know. There is no set factor that makes my skin worse.

There are factors that determine improvement – relaxation, no stress, holidays, positivity. But even when these things are happening, there's a chance of me getting sore.

There's no magic formula for pain-free skin.

I wish it was that easy.



  1. Oh Carly,

    Big virtual hugs. Take care of yourself.

    SSG xxx

  2. that sucks so much, I am thinking of you and hope you don't need to stay in hospital or only stay a little while. It's always easy on the outside to offer solutions, what about this, what about that, but sometimes even when you are stress free and feeling good, it comes back to bite you.
    big love xx

  3. Sending you some relaxing thoughts. Hope you feel better soon. L xx

  4. Carly,
    Big fan here, if you need the hospital visit, then go, and take care of yourself. You have had an amazing year, so maybe your body just needs some extra TLC. Loving thoughts being sent your way.
    Speedy Recovery!

  5. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your challenges! I know how frustrating it feels to have a flare up and not know how, why, or when it will end. No fun at all! And some people think every effect has a clear cause. If only it were that easy to control chronic illnesses. Take care! I hope they have quick fixes so you can feel better!


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