18 February 2010

Raising Ruby - a must read blog

Last night I was so very tired.

I put off going to sleep as long as possible as my face was still sore, and it felt like an infection would be there in the morning. (Fortunately there was no infection this morning, but it was still a bit sore.)

To put off going to sleep, I read blogs and watched a podcast (Poh's Kitchen).

One blog I read from start to finish was Raising Ruby.

Raising Ruby details the journey of a puppy in training, based in Colorado America.

Ruby is a Labrador puppy training to be a special assistance dog. A service dog.

When she completes training at 18 months old, she will go onto advanced training and then hopefully be a partner to a special person.

She will assist her partner by guiding them, alerting them to things, and maybe even opening fridges and pressing lift buttons.

Reading this blog was so moving.

Ruby is a very intelligent, gorgeous and cheeky puppy. She is around nine months old now.

Her foster parents are dedicated and loving, and I marveled at the range of places they've taken Ruby for her training - a firestation, a noodle bar, the Apple Store... Of course, when Ruby graduates to working as a service dog, she will need to go to lots of different places and do many different things to assist her partner, but I guess it has really amazed me at the level of devotion her foster parents have put into training her.

This is what I wrote to Ruby's raiser:

Gosh I have read the entire journey you have shared with Ruby until now.

I am moved and amazed by:
1) how clever and beautiful Ruby is, and
2) the wonderful work you are doing readying her for her life as an assistance dog.

The dedication and love you are putting into her training is commendable. I don't know too much about puppy trainers, other than what I've seen on your blog and a few things that I've read, but I imagine it is one of the most selfless jobs you can do. Not only are you training a gorgeous dog to do very intelligent things, but you will be making a huge difference to the life of s special person and their family, who will one day have Ruby.

Well done, and I will keep following Ruby and your adventures on this blog. Thank you for sharing.

I think you should all have a look at Raising Ruby, and also have a look at how you can help assistance dogs with their training and development in Australia.

Guide Dogs Victoria

Assistance Dogs

Aware Dogs Australia


  1. I adore Ruby - she is just the cutest and oh so well behaved - her owner is absolutely amazing too! Btw next Sunday (2nd March?)is the Victorian Guide Dog Association Open Day in Kew. I'm going with one of my besties - yay! I hope you have a better night's sleep tonight and your skin is on the mend from its recent flare up.

  2. Hi Carly just found your blog via 'blog this', about to become a 'follower'. Looking forward to reading more :)

  3. I love guide dogs, they are the best and so patient and calm. My parent's dalmation was once a support dog to a disabled child but he ended up being a bad fit as he was so boisterous. He was returned to the breeder and my parents got teir mitts on him. Hope your skin is improving. I had my friend Dr N for dinner last night. She is a dermatologist and lovely (and really famous)-are you in Sydney or Melbourne? She is in Sydney. I know you have a good team but if you need a new dr... x

  4. I really love that blog! Thanks for recommending Carly! I love guide dogs as well...I feel like they are contributing a lot more to society than I am.

    I do hope your face is not so sore now. :)

  5. Dear Carly, we are so very honored and touched by this post and by your kind words. Your support, not only of Raising Ruby, but of Australian service/assistance dog organizations means more to us than you can imagine. We thank you so deeply for helping us in our mission to raise awareness for the canine partners who make such a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

    Our little yellow pup sends you, and all of our new Australian friends, tons of puppy kisses across the miles!

  6. FF - I am in Melbourne. Maybe if I need a dermatologist in Sydney I will contact your friend :)

    Bowsnhearts - Guide dogs are wonderful. It's such a shame we can't pat them when they are working - I just want to congratulate them for the work they do when I see them on the street.

    Ruby's Raiser - thanks for your message - I'm happy to mention this great cause on my blog - Ruby is so adorable that I kept on reading and loved your story. Thanks for the kisses, Ruby :)

  7. Hey Carly! What a great blog, I love Ruby's blog too. Thank you for raising awareness for Australian Orginsations too. Maybe you would like to see my blog - I am an Assistance Dog living here in Melbourne too!

  8. Its great you listed some orgisations people could get to know here in Australia however you can find a full list of Assistance Dogs International recognised orgs here:-


  9. Hey Luigi!
    thanks for visiting and reading and taking the time to comment. Those links are great too :)
    I followed your blog.

  10. I've been a big supporter of The Association for the Blind WA since I did a project on guide dogs when I was 9. I rang to ask for a few pamphlets, and they mailed them out to me along with a few bookmarks and a note telling me good luck with my project! I've been collecting their fundraiser plush toys for about 10 years too >.<
    They do such an amazing job.


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