05 February 2010

I won Rob Thomas tickets!

Remember yesterday when I said this:

PS - I did some online rejecting of my own tonight! Ticketek generated me a B row ticket to Rob Thomas tomorrow night. I entered all my card details into the system. Then I closed the window. Must pay off my MacBook. Must pay it off fast! Don't need a Rob Thomas ticket. Can watch him 'live' on DVD on my MacBook. I will see him much closer up than at Rod Laver Arena

Well karma has come around!

This morning I rang Nova to enter the hum-along-Hughesy competition. I guessed the right song (Sultans of Swing, thanks to my love for Dire Straits!) and the prize was...

Rob Thomas tickets!

Obviously if I bought my ticket last night I wouldn't have entered the comp, but by NOT buying one, and winning one, it is some sort of karma. That's how I get rewarded for repaying my MacBook!

Off to get ready and go to the concert now. Can't wait.

Rob Thomas is hot.


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