02 February 2010

Cute cupcakes

I'm not really one to copy and paste inspirational images from the internet to this blog. But these pictures are too cute not to share.

It was a work friend's birthday today and I sent her an email with birthday greetings and love. I attached a picture of a cupcake to the email.

Then I remembered I sent another cupcake photo to a different work friend for her birthday.

(source unknown)

And I've just googled some more pictures of unique cupcakes.

Aren't these amazing!

(from Black Eiffel)

(from Neatorama)

(from Pinku Rocks)

(source unknown)

(from Cute Yummy Time)

(from Epicute)

(from Epicute)

I love them all! Adorable.


  1. I might tackle the cookie monster cupcakes for Master Parker's 5 yo bash in May. They all look so yummy! x

  2. I LOVE the Cookie Monster cupcake!!! And now I want cupcakes dammit :D

  3. I love the whales and the lolly one.

    Good luck making them - they are too cute :)

  4. I love really cute cupcakes but haven't managed to find any in Melbourne.

    I found a few cute ones in Melbourne but then they tasted...quite average.

  5. The Cupcake Bakery has a lot of frosting, not much cake.
    I guess you can try decorate your own?

  6. aawww I love them! thanks for sharing :D

  7. please follow me back at www.myperfectwonder.blogspot.com thanks :)


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