15 February 2010

Party pictures

Here are some photos from the superhero party on Friday night.

I am against putting photos of friends up on the internet unless it's on my Facebook and they are are also on Facebook. So there are only three here.

To set the scene: there were lots of undies worn on the outside, a wheelie bin of punch, facepaint, I had super giant high heels on, and there was a fake boob.

I had an awesome time! Thanks VB Girl and Super K and your great friends!

These are my fairy wings on DuffMan's lap.

KittyExpress said she wants my legs. I'm very flattered, so sharing this blurry, a bit tipsy photo with you.

This is me looking very perky after the party punch. I got facepaint on my dress late into the night, and it is my favourite dress so I was a bit devastated. But lucky for napisan, the facepaint came out. My dress actually wasn't that short, FYI. It's the way the photo was taken.

It was a blast!


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