04 February 2010

My doppelganger

So apparently it is Doppelganger week on Facebook.

All my friends are partaking. Peer pressure and that, I thought I should, too.

But no celebrity looks like me, and vice versa.

Then a friend posted her doppelganger photo.

And it reminded me of who I said I once looked like.

A red Cabbage Patch Kid. (That's who I resemble, not her. She had a cute pig tailed one)

I have fuzzy hair and chubby cheeks. Just like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Note - my doppelganger photo has been retouched to look more like me hahaha - I'm so Jen Hawkins now!


  1. lol Carly, I had a picture of Dame Edna as mine yesterday. Pink hair and all that...I don't look like any celebrity! If I did, I wouldn't be sitting at home, crammed into my parents place! I'd be on the arm of Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler at some fancy party!

  2. Your hair is way superior to that of the CPK! :)

  3. Hahahha thanks Kelly and Miss Kitty!
    It was hard to find a dark and curly haired cabbage patch kid, and of course there are no red ones so I had to make one red!
    Kelly, who says you won't be on the arm of a famous dude soon..

  4. I look like a cabbage patch kid too! Esp cos I have a habit of sucking my bottom lip.


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