03 February 2010

I've been eating like a carnivorous rabbit, so...

It is 40 million degrees.

I've just worked very hard at Body Balance. I touched my toes tonight doing the hamstring stretch and did most of the moves in full, not the special needs moves like I have been doing. I'm balancing with more confidence, and for longer. It was great, despite the heat and some perving old man staring at our class through the window.

I feel every muscle in my body, and I am starting to see a defined waist. Hurrah!

This is me counteracting all that hard work with an icecream and berry combo. Vanilla icecream, mango gelati and frozen strawberries. It's ok though, I'm allowed as I've been eating like carnivorous rabbit - salads, fruit, vegetables and with a serve of meat or fish.


  1. It was great! I found it rather large though - next time I will get a small.


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