04 February 2010

Online rejection

I think I experienced some social networking rejection today!

Not upset, not reading too much into it, other than the conversational tweets that indicate the online rejection towards me.

I hate being rejected or let down.

I am let down a lot, to the point where I am sometimes hesitant to invite people out or call them for fear of being rejected.

This isn't insecurity.

This isn't a feel-sorry-for-myself blog post.

Nor is it a quest for popularity, online or in real life.

It's just an honest reaction to how I feel about being rejected and let down.

I am a really inclusive person, I talk to everyone, rarely take sides, and try to make everyone feel welcome and valued.

The funny thing with Facebook is seeing photos of the events that your friends were at, when they turned down your invite. The funny thing with Twitter is that your followers can read what you say, and track conversations. Ok yep. Two things that aren't really that funny.

One good thing about this blog is the positive comments it generates. Not that I'm seeking attention, but it is so nice to have an audience - an audience that responds to my writing and interacts with me through my writing. It's nice.

And when I do feel truly valued by friends and colleagues, I know that being rejected/let down by others shouldn't really matter.

Anyhow, as I said, not reading too much into the perceived online rejection.

I got a top weekend ahead of me, full of dancing, meal-dates and creativity with friends :) I am looking forward to Friday afternoon.

PS - I did some online rejecting of my own tonight! Ticketek generated me a B row ticket to Rob Thomas tomorrow night. I entered all my card details into the system. Then I closed the window. Must pay off my MacBook. Must pay it off fast! Don't need a Rob Thomas ticket. Can watch him 'live' on DVD on my MacBook. I will see him much closer up than at Rod Laver Arena.

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  1. No sort of rejection is fun :(

    Twitter is interesting in the way that people follow and unfollow each other regularly and there's no social obligation to let anyone know why. A while back a girl whom I tweeted with regularly unfollowed me one day - I was shocked so I did ask her why and she responded that it wasn't personal, she was just following too many people who regularly tweeted @ each other. I was surprised how much it actually did hurt to be rejected by someone I'd never even met! Nowadays I just try to keep the attitude that if someone unfollows or unfriends me, then it's a good thing because we clearly weren't on the same wavelength and that leaves me more time to interact with the people who are :)


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