10 February 2010

My quest for a Valentine's Date continues...

So you know yesterday I challenged you readers to find me a date for Valentine's Day.

I have received so many compliments from lots of lovely readers, and some help from tweeters through passing my message on.

One lovely reader, Clementine, said if I was gay she'd take me out on a date. I am so flattered by this :) Thank you, thank you.

I also emailed Snitch at the Sunday Age Melbourne Magazine, telling them about my quest to get a date. The reporter wrote back expressing her adoration for me, and saying Snitch would love to help me out but the magazine has gone to print today so they'll be in touch next week. Squeeee!

Exciting times!

Please spread the word about my quest for romance. Drop the line that I was ALMOST a supermodel!

In unrelated matters, my bear jacket has not arrived from Ebay (China) and the superhero party is on Friday. Not sure what to do. Eeek. Maybe I will go as myself.


  1. I wish I had a single male friend I could set you up with :( You've got such a GREAT sense of humor and such a refreshing take on life. Good luck with your quest honey.

  2. Thanks Mez :) When you find a single male friend PLASE LET ME KNOW!

  3. Hey Carly, this Valentine Day seems to be so exciting for you!!

    I am really excited about who you will date on V day.

    I am probably so excited due to my lack lustre love life. After 2 years of living together, we are calling crashing in front of the tv, no looking at the housework and bills for a day a 'ROMANTIC DATE'.

    I really wish I have a guy friend for you but I have about 5 guy friends in Melbourne.

    Very excited to see how you go!

  4. Good luck with your search!

    Hopefully your jacket arrives on time - I get so obsessed when I'm expecting something in the post, I come home early every day just in case there is a card to collect a package. There never is...

    If it doesn't arrive, though, you should absolutely go as yourself!!! That's a fantastic idea!

  5. How exciting your so brave putting yourself out there -- i sucked at the whole dating thing.

    Fingerscrossed your snag yourself a amazing date this valentines day.

  6. Just letting you know that I'm following :)

    Love your work. Any guy would be lucky to take you out.


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