14 February 2010

Movie and shopping - the I Love Me date

As mentioned earlier, I spent today at the cinema and then shopping it upat the local massive mall.

I LOVED the film Valentine's Day. It didn't take much brain power, and it was really sappy in parts, but it was a great escape and it made me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy.

I did notice it was a lot like Love Actually, even though Valentine's Day was directed by Barry Marshall and Love Actually was directed by Richard Curtis. The part that reminded me the most of Love Actually was the little boy with the crush on his teacher. I don't love it as much as Love Actually, I don't think I could give my heart fully to another movie, but I will be watching again, if not buying it on DVD.

Another thing I thought about the film was most of the female actresses had high cheekbones and thin lips or narrow faces. Julia Roberts. Jessica Biel. Anne Hathaway. Jennifer Garner.

I recommend seeing the film at the cinema. It is nice. Boys may be bored, but there are enough female characters to distract them from the plot.

I think my favourite part was the Julia Roberts blooper at the end of the film in the credits - she's been down Rodeo Drive before.

After the film, I shopped. I have done some serious walking, enough to believe it's fine not to go to pilates tonight.

I believe shopping is my true love.

If shopping was a man, I would marry him. I love shopping.

I love finding bargains. I enjoy buying a few cheapish things on a shopping trip, but then I see something in Country Road or Cue and wish I had not spent my money on three items from ValleyGirl. I try not to spend too much.

Today I went shopping with the gift vouchers from my birthday and Christmas.

I really wanted to buy some CDs and DVDs from JB HiFi as I had a voucher to burn there. But there was simply TOO MUCH CHOICE! And being the bargain hunter I am, I didn't want to spend $30 on the Julie and Julia DVD when in a month or so it will be half that price. (Why are the prices of CDs and DVDs constantly fluctuating?) I picked up Bertie Blackman's Secrets and Lies, The Frames and the Swell Season, and Little Miss Sunshine. And I really wanted to buy Taylor Swift's CD but I was scared I'd regret it.

I was shocked to see Natalie Imbriglia's classic 1997 album (IMO) Left of the Middle for $4.99. Shocked! It is worth SO MUCH MORE THAN $4.99.

I walked around the store with the CDs and DVDs for a while. And I walked out with NOTHING. Too much choice means I can't make up my mind and so I leave empty handed, only to suffer non-buyer's remorse when I arrive home.

I did have luck with buying clothing though. My lovely managers gave me a massive mall gift voucher for my birthday and it could be used at most of the stores. I spent it in Temt and another cheapie shop. I looked in my FAVOURITE STORE OF ALL TIME, Cue, but everything on sale is really 80s looking and everything that I adore is well out of my price range. So I satisificed (a word I learned a few minutes ago in the Sunday Life magazine supplement with the Sunday Age = satisfied X sufficed) with buying from cheapie shops.

This is what I bought with the voucher plus only a little of my own money.

A pleather jacket from Temt. I wanted a jacket I can wear over a dress as well as with jeans. I like this one.

A sundress from I'm not sure where. I've been eyeing it off for a while now.

I adore the print.

A silver and cream top from Temt. I love silver.

I like how you can buy things for $10 that don't look $10. I enjoy the hunt for expensive looking cheap things.

Last night a friend came over and I cooked us a massive lasagne, full of vegies. It was delicious and there is lots left over for tonight and tomorrow's lunch.

I had a nice weekend. Hope you did, too.


  1. Shopping with vouchers is the best!! It's so guilt-free, I love it. I also love shopping for presents - again, guilt-free

    PS. I love Taylor Swift's album. I have a soft spot for her and her voice.

  2. Taylor Swift was great in Valentine's Day, and I do like her lyrics, but I'm not too sure of the whole album.

    I only added a bit of my money to my vouchers. I like what I bought.

  3. ahhh i know what u mean about natalie's album! i loooved that album back then and still do now! love her voice and shes gorgeous too!

  4. Carly - do u do pilates mat classes or reformer classes? I love pilates however after switching to reformer classes several years back can no longer do mat classes (its just too hard and I end up cheating and doing the exercises incorrectly!) As an aside... my pilates instructor also looks like Taylor Swift! lol

  5. I do body balance which incorporates pilates, yoga and tai chi, and then I do a pilates class when i miss the body balance class. We do it on a mat - some is standing and some is lying down. What are reformer classes?

  6. Reformer classes use a special machine/bed thing and you do your exercises with the aid of resistance springs - here's a pic http://www.avant-gardeschoolofdance.com/pilates2.jpg It's usually only offered in specialist pilates studios or by physios although some gyms may also run Allegro reformer classes too. I find that you tend to do the exercises more correctly with the reformer plus I find I get a better workout too.

  7. Thanks for the explanation, Miss Kitty.
    I will stick to my mat because that is hard enough for now :)


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