28 February 2010

The handbag challenge

Many of my blog posts in recent weeks have been a little serious.

To lighten things up a bit, I am going to participate in this little quiz that Daughter of the Stars passed on to me.

Here is my handbag.

My Mum gave this to me on the day I received an award at work last year. It's by Olga Berg. I love it, especially the different patterned panels on the front.

I am a bit sad because the straps are getting worn, and that disappoints me because it's not that old. I think I will buy some leather off cuts and ask someone to make me some strap covers?

Anyhow, this is what is in my bag. Initially I thought it is a bit creepy to post this on my blog, and may attract crime. But then I realised just how much I share here - and none of that has attracted anything negative.

I like how what's in my bag holds some memories for me.

Lucas paw-paw ointment - I use this for my lips and also for my hands.

Packet of tissues - I am constantly wiping my eyes.

Leather key case with keys attached. I have a spare set but they are currently in my door.

Bloom make-up case - this was given to me from a friend at work who got it as a gift with purchase. I keep hand sanitiser, comb, perfume, mirror etc in it.

Envirosac bag - I bought this at the Salamanca Markets in Hobart, Tasmania. I like how compact it is and how when I go shopping, I will always have a bag.

Sennheiser headphones - these are the best! They have pleather ear-pads which are wipeable, and they fold compactly like a pair of sunglasses. And they have a great sound.

Moxie tin - filled with cough lollies, panadol, zyrtec, eyedrops.

Notebook - given to me by a friend at work for Kris Kringle in 2008. Sometimes I just have to write down ideas for poems. Not so much now I have my iPhone - I text ideas into it.

Pens - I have two in case one runs out.

Baby brush - this is to brush the skin from my clothes, especially when I wear black.

Purse - this was a Christmas gift from my friend Kristy. I love it - it's very pretty and leather and I adore the smell. I have a bigger purse which keeps everything much more organised - I think I should save this little purse for best.

Envelope purse carrying my iPod - I love this envelope purse I got at Dangerfield. It is so cute. The back of it has With Love written on it. I love my iPod too, though it gets listened to more on the dock at home, rather than on the move because my train trip to work is quite short.

iPhone - it has a purple cover. I don't really like having an iPhone. Mine is not very good at making calls. There's something wrong with the microphone. I like the apps on it - especially the train timetable, Facebook and email, and of course the notes function. It does everything but make calls.

Vaseline - this is pretty much what keeps me alive and looking youthful.

Something that is not in my bag but should be is my work building pass. I hope I'm not running around frantically looking for it tomorrow before work!

I pass the quiz onto

Faux Fuschia



Miss Kitty



  1. ooOoooOOOOoo!!

    I will do it now :)

    Thanks babes!

  2. oh noes does this mean i have to expose the secret messy person within to share my handbag contents with the rest of the world!! lol I'll try and remember to do it when I get to work tomorrow ;)

  3. btw i am very impressed with how neat and tidy the contents of your handbag are :)

  4. That's a gorgeous bag - I can see why you love it!

  5. Miss Kitty - I actually cleaned out my small bag that wasn't holding much and placed the useful contents into this Olga Berg bag.

    In doing so, I found many receipts, tissues, tram tickets from way back, $3.10, movie tickets, another pen that I put with my volunteer work folder, tampons and more eyedrops than in the Bloom case.

    I look foreward to seeing your bag!

    Thanks Kelly :) It's special because my Mum gave it to me.

  6. I love Olga Berg bags! I have quite a collection. I love how different they are.

  7. My big wallet is Olga Berg - I just remembered.
    I love Olga Berg too! Mum has a gorgeous OB overnight bag. I should go to her factory outlet soon.

  8. hI:)
    I did this on my blog as well...
    Love this videos on YouTube as well:)

    Wonderful bag you have....
    Have a nice day...Kind of blue

  9. Thanks for sharing Carly!

    I love Dangerfield bags and purses, they are always funky and unusual.

  10. The baby brush idea is excellent. Must do.

    Found yout hrough DD, now liking your blog. New follower, & inspired to do a handbag post soon!

    x http://www.lemon-butter.blogspot.com

  11. I freaking love Olga Berg. This year, on a handbag mission, I went to Myer, sure they would have one for me. Nada. Will have to wait now, til, no doubt, I screw this one with some unidentified liquid. :)

  12. Princess - it just clicked that you're in Norway! Thanks for the compliment.

    Daughter of the stars - I am in love with this purse and I actually have two - one for my phone and one for ipod!

    Oh Natalie - thanks for stopping by and commenting. Baby brushes are hard to find, but a good idea. I bought mine from BabyCo.

    Bern - try David Jones, or your DFO may have an Olga Berg outlet.

  13. Is it weird that I like seeing what is in other women's handbags?
    I think it's the voyeur side in me!!
    Love the olga berg bag it is such a beautiful colour!!

  14. Thanks for the challenge- I have actioned it x


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