04 February 2010

When one word looks too much like another word... hehehe

I like to keep this blog nice. Of course, I'm going to drop the odd f-bomb, or make a suggestive remark. But I'm not going to start publishing erotic fiction here, or make comment on my sex life or of anyone else.

But I had to share this, it was too funny not to.

It was a conversation between a friend an I following on from her Facebook status.


Carly's friend: has something on her uvula activating her gag reflex. Worth seeing a doctor for?

Carly: the first thing I saw in your FB status update was the word 'vulva'.
Then I thought, why is your vulva gagging?


Yep. When one word looks too much like another word.


See. Poles apart.


  1. this is where i would throw in a little *snicker* because it's one of those errors that if you say something without thinking, it can get you into a lot of trouble!

  2. Exactly!
    She said she checked the spelling of uvula three times :)


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