04 February 2010

Ebay goodies

In other news, I am suddenly on a massive fitness kick. I know. I am just as surprised as you are.

I'm not doing three hours a day at the gym. Nor am I doing any more than low impact exercise.

But now I can see a bit of my hourglass figure back after only seven sessions of Body Balance and one bellydance class, I want to do more.

Bellydance class was so much fun. I forgot to blog about it. Two friends came along last week and this week another friend will join us. It's great shimmying. Makes you feel so empowered and like your body is actually working out.

I have ordered two things on Ebay to help me on my quest to looking and feeling fabulous.

This jingly jangly hip scarf was about $6.00, including postage. I know! I have a pink one, but wanted a yellow one to alternate.

And this DVD means I can practice both pilates and belly dance in the comfort of my own home on the days I can't get to class, or need some gentle movement to help my skin feel better.

Mr postman, come by my house with my parcels.


  1. You just reminded me I'm supposed to be on a health kick that includes more than just eating healthier meals and drinking water more often!

    I used to do West African dancing and that was a hell of a workout.
    The same place offers belly dance and I always wanted to try it out!

  2. Hey Bucca - definitely try out bellydance - it is so much fun. Though my thighs and calves are tight after today's hour class (maybe that is also due to the long walk back to the city from the Rob Thomas concert last night!).
    I bought another new scarf today at class - I will pick it up next week. It is blue and purple and gold shimmery - handmade in Egypt. I will save it for best and use my el-cheapo Ebay one at lessons.
    Let me know what you think about bellydance classes.


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