05 February 2010

I won Rob Thomas tickets!

Remember yesterday when I said this:

PS - I did some online rejecting of my own tonight! Ticketek generated me a B row ticket to Rob Thomas tomorrow night. I entered all my card details into the system. Then I closed the window. Must pay off my MacBook. Must pay it off fast! Don't need a Rob Thomas ticket. Can watch him 'live' on DVD on my MacBook. I will see him much closer up than at Rod Laver Arena

Well karma has come around!

This morning I rang Nova to enter the hum-along-Hughesy competition. I guessed the right song (Sultans of Swing, thanks to my love for Dire Straits!) and the prize was...

Rob Thomas tickets!

Obviously if I bought my ticket last night I wouldn't have entered the comp, but by NOT buying one, and winning one, it is some sort of karma. That's how I get rewarded for repaying my MacBook!

Off to get ready and go to the concert now. Can't wait.

Rob Thomas is hot.


  1. Definitely some good karma there, hope you have a great time!

  2. Lucky you! He is great. Have the best time :D

  3. Thanks girls :)
    He was great, but I wanted some Matchbox Twenty songs!


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