04 January 2010

Two giant leaps for Carly

Today I took two life changing steps. No, I haven't decided to buy a house or change jobs. Quite happy with where I currently live and work, though maybe where I work doesn't afford me to buy a house? Or maybe it's my love for shopping that prevents me. I don't know.

The life changing steps were only small. But big in my world.

I contacted two hairdressers today, one by phone and one by email. I am waiting on a response from both of them. I still have five more to contact. Here's hoping something successful will come from my quest. I have requested an appointment to discuss my special needs with the hairdressers.

It's so difficult to explain the impacts of my skin condition when it's not in person - some people assume it's not as big a part of my life as it really is. Like the time I used an example of explaining my condition to customers in a retail store I worked in as a way I have successfully handled a difficult situation. When I didn't get the job and asked for feedback, the selection officer said that this example didn't demonstrate life experience. Ok then. I've actually continued to use that example in job applications because I think it's relevant. I digress.

So by booking an appointment to discuss my needs prior to a haircut, it will mean the hairdresser has more information and understanding about my condition, rather than be confronted with it when I walk into the salon. Gosh I wish it wasn't so complicated sometimes!

The other life changing step I took was visited my local YMCA leisure centre. I had bumped into a friend in the supermarket yesterday and we caught up for a drink afterwards. she recommended a class called 'body balance' - a mix of pilates, yoga and meditation. It's low impact, gentle and will trim my tummy and thighs. The girl at the counter was so helpful. She showed me around the YMCA complex, asked me my needs and ability and advised the classes that would be the best for me. In addition to body balance, I think I'll do a dedicated pilates class. At least until my uni class doesn't clash with the bellydancing class I want to do. The YMCA caters for people with special needs, so I was more confident about approaching them. The other great thing is the classes are only $9 with my current student card, and $13.50 when the student card runs out at the end of my Masters! $9 for a pilates class!

It's very difficult for me to exercise as I don't sweat to cool myself down, have limited movement of some limbs, and my skin gets very dry. So my apprehension is justified, but I have realised that I can't keep eating salmon and camenbert and maintaining my optimum 55 kilos all my life.

The first body balance class is Wednesday. Wish me luck! I was actually disappointed I couldn't start tomorrow but there is a holiday timetable until next week. I was suprised at my disappointment about not exercising!

As I said, these are only small steps I've taken, I know. But really big ones for me. And I know I'm never going to look like Jennifer Hawkins, but there's hope, because she's a real woman, right?! (More on that in a future blog post.) But hopefully these two small steps place me on the path to making feel and look really super fabulous!


  1. Body Balance is an excellent class! Hope you enjoy it :) xx

  2. I've enjoyed it so far. Next class is Wednesday and then Friday! It's hard but rewarding - not rewarding in body yet but rewarding because I challenged myself.
    A blog to come re body balance


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