17 January 2010

Costume making

I'm moving to microblogging with this entry - it may be shorter than usual but I'm actually typing it on my iPhone which means the keyboard is a touch screen, hence micro! Not true microblogging I know, but I microblog all the time on Twitter (add me @carlyfindlay).

Today I'm finalising two costumes for events this week. Costumes are fun but I'm yet to go all out and custom make something on a sewing machine.

One is for a hens party - it's a 1920s flapper theme so I'll be wearing a vintage dress from Flair Vintage with a large headband and black heels. Probably not true 1920s but it gives me a chance to wear this dress!

The other is my ChIPS camp costume - it will be a surprise until it's revealed at camp on Thursday night. this costume is a bit more DIY - it's involved making an iron on tee shirt transfer. I actually created the picture in the design program Gimp which makes me very proud considering I'm bad at most things design on the computer. I have two pieces of clothing/footwear from my wardrobe that fits the theme perfectly, and I also sourced something from the department store-like opshop Savers. I'm very excited to reveal it at camp! And all will be revealed here post camp.

Ok Microblogging is tiring. Thumb is tired.



  1. The costumes sound really interesting!!! I wish I can sew.

    Will you be unveiling any pictures of the costumes?

  2. Yes I'll be putting a pic or two up after the camp. Can't give my secret away just yet!

    I made the tshirt and I'm pretty proud :) may even wear it again


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