25 January 2010

Connecting through blogs

@Rellacafa on Twitter recently said she's reading more blogs and getting to know real people, as opposed to reading magazines and getting to know celebrities.

I agree.

Though I love my magazines (not so much trashy gossips ones, but Frankie, Yen, Shop Til You Drop and InStyle), I've been reading more blogs since I started this one, and have come to discover some wonderful people and what they're made of - both people I've not met in real life, and people I've known for a while.

(I have connected with Rellacafa, or Caf for short, through Twitter, and I follow her blog and even did an essay based on her experiences with new media, but we are yet to meet - someday soon, though, I hope.)

I've been really happy to get to know some old friends better through their blogs - friends that I don't really know that much about.

It's great to see their talents for writing and photography, and also get an insight into their lives.

Here's two of note. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Live; Love and other anomalies
is a collection of photos and musings that are really well written, and quirky to boot.

A picture paints a thousand words is mainly a collection of photography - the photos are really beautiful.

Stop by to have a looksie - there's some very talented people in the blogosphere, some I actually know in real life!


  1. I have actually met a few people as a result of my first blog. It's weird but at the same time rewarding to know that there are a lot of people out there with your interests!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by
    I just added you to my list of blogs I follow. Looking forward to reading more about you.
    As for meeting people through your blog - that is very cool. Though they'd know so much about you which may be off putting?

  3. Hey Carly,
    Both yours and Hayleys (caf) blogs give me such an insight to the world beyond my own. Ive only been blogging for a short while, but the feedback is so great and makes me feel like what i have to say is important. Without blogs, i wouldnt know half the things i know about the lovely people ive meet over twitter.
    I really hope you get to meet hayley one day. I was lucky enough to spend the day with her on friday, and she really is a truely wonderful and beautiful person. Prehaps one day we may all be able to meet. I love to meet the people behind the words on the screen.
    take care xx Jen

  4. You will not believe this Carly, I put a counter on my blog Sunday- 93 hits- unbelievable!

    Here I was thinking that you & I were the only two who read it.


  5. Woo 93 hits already - totally awesome! You will have to go to a few chat forums and mention your blog in your signature.

    When I logged in just now, I had 1744 hits - I can't believe that! It is interesting to see where the visitors are from - I have had Italy, Barbados and Vietnam.

  6. Isn't that insane! I don't really go onto chat forums, do you have any suggestions?

    JJJ countdown has begun, I love that they played song 101. :)

  7. I go on forums.vogue.com.au - my user name is sqoggle
    and also visit the Rush forum sometimes - it's on ten.com.au
    that's it really.

  8. Aw, shucks ;)

    I can't wait to meet you! I've been practising driving and figuring out how far and how long I can go out for. I'll text you about organising a catch up, I have this new 'rinse & repeat' date making thing going on, I make the date and if I'm too sore that day, we rinse and repeat another day!

    I love getting to know people through blogs, like Jen said, they are especially a great addition to what you get to know about someone on Twitter. Following along with how people think is a pretty great way to make new friends :)

  9. Caf - can't wait to meet you too!
    Agreed - you meet some cool people through twitter and blogs, and get to know old friends better, too.


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