27 January 2010

This post features a picture of my thigh. Hotttt.

I went to another Body Balance class tonight. It was my fifth class. I didn't do any classes last week due to camp, and intended to on Sunday but was just too tired from the hen's night. I thought it'd be hard getting into it tonight, but I surprised myself and found I could do the moves just as well (or as poorly!) as the last time.

I pushed myself harder in tonight's class. I tried to last longer at the poses, tried to hold steadier. And I succeeded in lasting longer and holding steadier, and in doing so, I felt the moves were more effective on my muscles and posture.

When I stood on one leg, facing forward with both arms out, I was smiling as hard as I was working my bum muscles. For me, doing some of these poses and feeling happy to have achieved them must be a little bit like when a baby learns to walk - there is a huge sense of pride and achievement. They're only little steps that I'm taking, but it's making me feel so good. I felt more confident with my balance tonight. And there was someone who fell on her forehead, and that someone wasn't me! I'm definitely making progress.

The instructors are so friendly and encouraging, and so are the other participants that I've met so far. There's no pretentiousness or competitiveness, and the positive environment makes me want to return to classes.

There is one thing that causes me pain though, and it's not the actual pilates moves. It's the relaxation time afterward. My body is nice and warm doing pilates. Then when I stop, I get so cold and my skin gets a bit 'panicked' - it's a bit inflamed on my arms and legs, my movement is restricted, and I'm shivering. The thing with this skin condition is that it means I don't regulate my temperature well. So when it's a pleasant summertime temperature, I often feel quite cold inside, but hot to the touch. And on a 40 degree day, I can't cool down and my heart beats really fast and I feel pretty yucky. Tonight I put my hoodie and socks on during relaxation time, but it didn't help. I'm still cold and sore. I'm not as bendy as when I was doing the pilates moves. I'm going to crawl into bed and put my electric blanket on. I know this feeling will pass, but it's frustrating to think that the actual hard work of the pilates moves didn't hurt me as much as this cold feeling does.

If there's anyone who can give me tips about keeping warm after exercise that'd be great.


This is a sexy picture of my thigh.


  1. Good on you for going to exercise classes! I am too lazy to go nowadays even though I am desperately in need of some exercise!

    Are there any medication or herbal remedies that you can take to regulate your temperature? I get cold easily even when it's like 30 degrees outside. In winter, my extremities literally stop moving because it's so cold. I have been told to drink an organic vinegar mixture by a herbalist once...and it does warm me up. Thing is, I have to do it everyday and it stinks! Lol!

  2. I am feeling really motivated to go to exercise classes. Not sure how I will be when uni returns and it gets dark early etc etc!

    I don't know about anything I can take to warm me up, but I should definitely research it. Maybe vinegar will do? Thanks for the tip

  3. I doubt I have much good advice on warming up - although I thought the above suggestion of a hot drink was a good one, even like a herbal tea or something that puts the hot straight inside you without having to irritate your skin.

    I have known a lot of people to leave Body Balance at the end of the last set and skip the relaxation, might just be something to consider if it's easier for your body to warm down at its own pace rather than going from movement to relaxed so quickly.

    Much luck with finding a solution! You will do it, someone musta fed you motivation pills over the holidays ;P xx

  4. Yes I will consider leaving before the relaxation period. I like the relaxation though as it gives me a chance to reflect my achievements. I think the coldness and soreness only sets in when the weather is cooler - because it hadn't happened in the heat. I am planning to go to pilates tonight to make up for the Body Balance class I missed on Friday. It's a million degrees here so I will see if that makes a difference.

    As for the motivation pills - I am usually pretty motivated but not in the line of exercise. I wonder what has changed?


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