15 January 2010

Friday night thanks

I went to my fourth body balance class tonight. So proud - I stood on one leg, held the other leg back with my hand on my foot, and pushed this leg out behind me while pointing the opposite arm into the air straight ahead. I was grinning so much I had lipstick on my ears. Not really. But you get the picture.

Right now however, I am treating myself to a smaller piece of cheese than usual with some blueberries. I read a tweet this week: 'why are blueberries more expensive than plane tickets?'. Mine were $2.99 at Coles Showgrounds Village. I swear I am so in love with Coles Showgrounds Village that I am going to marry it. The cheese may be counteracting my gym classes. But I've actually tried to stick to three meals a day this week, and if you don't count the maccasquarterpounderfriesandthickshake (written as one word so you may just glance over it and not make me feel guitly) on Monday before Avatar, I'd say I've eaten pretty well with smaller portions and less fat. Even the seventeen courses of tapas at Movida before The Temper Trap was pretty healthy!

I'm feeling pretty good in myself!

Next week it's ChIPS camp and I am super excited! Can't wait to see these young people develop in the three days of fun and challenges. It makes me very proud to be involved in their lives. Plus I develop and challenge myself, too.

A few blogs you should see -

Faux Fuschia - FF is the Queen of Glamour.

The Rock Lair - this is my friend Lucy's music themed blog. She writes so well.

Flair to Remember - the gorgeous Nikki documents her style.

I've put a counter on my blog this Wednesday and so far I've had around 150 page hits. That's amazing! Everyone who comments here or on Twitter or Facebook has been so positive about my writing. I love to write and am proud of this skill, so your feedback means so much to me. Thank you.

I'm going to put my feet up now with Shop Til You Drop magazine, my cheese and berries. Goodnight all :)


  1. You go you flexible, fit thing!!

    Have you set up Google Analytics? That's how I track the views on my blog, it shows the source which can be very helpful as you know where your audience is coming from :)

  2. Hey Caf, I'm not that flexible, ESP with my arm movements. I struggle to lift them. But pilates is helping :)

    as for google analytics - not signed up but stat counter is pretty detailed
    what things does analytics tell you?

    I got a v low score at uni for statistics class :/

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog Carly! I need to blog more so I can get more followers!

    And by the way, I wish I was as motivated as you...I keep saying I'm going to excersise and tone up and I just seem to have an aversion to it. Coupled with a love affair with chocolate and lollies, and I have a recipe for getting as big as a house. How I am still 54kg, I have no idea! But then again, if I eat chocolate I have an inclination to not eat very much else during the day, and I usually eat low fat yoghurt for breakfast and a fairly healthy dinner and no dessert, so maybe I can afford to eat choccie if I wanna!

  4. Hahah Lucy - I just thought, my tummy is getting bigger than I want, and decided to do something, and once I did it, I enjoyed it. I haven't been since Friday 15 January and I miss it. I am going tomorrow and again Friday then bellydance on Saturday.

    Just go for it! Body balance, and dancey type classes dont even feel like exercise as they're fun.


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