17 January 2010


It was 43 degrees last Monday.

I went to work, was grateful to be at work inside and under the airconditioning. I was at a loss about how to keep cool after work. My flat is like a Kettle barbeque. Wrapped in a heat blanket. It wouldn't have been possible to keep cool, and the hospital emergency ward was not an option so early on in Summer. Might save that for 47 degrees.

So I decided to go see a movie with the longest duration.


Wow. It is amazing. Believe the hype.

Well maybe the plot is a bit Hollywood. And the violence is a bit Hollywood. And I admit I got really bored in the macho scenes towards the end.

But the graphics are spectactular. The colours and the landscape of Pandora are like nothing I've seen in any movie.

The idea of an avatar is conveyed really well.

And Sam Worthington is divine. Even if you don't like the movie much, you will like it for Sam Worthington. His looks. His accent when it drifts back to sounding Aussie. His character. Hotttt.

Anyhow. Enough superficial talk.

Last semester at uni I studied the concept of avatars and the program Second Life, and how avatars allow one to create the identity they aspire to be. Sam Worthington's character got to do just that. He was in a wheelchair in 'real life' (by real life, I mean real life in the movie), but used the power of his mind to control his avatar's body. His avatar was able-bodied, strong and powerful. I now want to re-read my uni notes. I am also considering doing a piece on Avatar the movie in my thesis at the end of the year.

The movie really got me thinking.


  1. I really like Avatar as well. I am not sure why I like it so much. Probably the fact that throughout the entire movie, I was not one bit bored.

  2. i didn't like it :/ i must be the only person in the world... :/

  3. I can definitely see reasons for not liking it.
    Science fiction

    I didn't like any of that.

    But I identified with the avatar concept and enjoyed thinking about it through the film. And the graphics. Plus Sam Worthington!

    I think If there weren't those three things I'd dislike it!


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