29 January 2010

Costume acquired!

Well that was quick!

I bought my costume from Ebay. It took about eight minutes to browse then purchase.

I know. Not a true superhero costume.

And not Superted. That costume looked too hard with my limited sewing skills, anyway.

I secretly just want to wear a hoodie with bear ears. Really. I plan on looking just as sexy and cute and impish as she does in the bear dress.

I am not sure how this costume will go in an Australian February - the hottest month of the year! But then again, I always find myself cold, so at least I won't be feeling cold when the aircon is on.

I plan to embellish it somehow to make it more superhero.

I will get my thinking cap on.

Yay for acquiring something that allows me to wear bear ears. Finally, at the age of 28.


  1. A cape of some sort and a superhero-ish belt, maybe with a big S-T on it (you can do this with cardboard & paint, lol!).

    And a catchcry...or themesong....or not.

    i am positive you will look very cute in that outift, but somehow i am not really digging her sultry-sexy-teddy look. maybe coz i am a mum & still love Big Ted.

  2. I have a giant gold belt, yes!
    I'm thinking a magic wand and a cape with stars on it.
    I might make my own superhero character up.

    And her sultry look is too Lolita for me - the costumes were listed as Lolita actually.

    I want cute, not slutty.

  3. forego the mini skirt & i think you have a winner!
    if you make up your own character, you make up your own name. i can't wait to hear what you come up with

  4. lol, i just found out that 'gero' is latin for bear...in case that helps

  5. i believe the bear dress comes with that ribbing on the bottom to make it a mini skirt.

    i could cut it off?

    i need a mini bear to carry, with same costume as me.

  6. see how long it is first. you may want to wear short shorts under it?
    spotlight should have some kind of bear-like material that you could use to whip up something for a teddy...or just make a bear a belt & mask

  7. bahaah tooooooooooooo cute!!

  8. kelly, i will buy a cheapo bear and make a cape, mask and belt. mini carlyhero.

    i wear short shorts for no one. except when i am admiring my own body in front of mirror.

    thanks Mez. it is soooo cute. squeeeeee

  9. That can SO be SuperTed!! I love it so much! (and want one myself, for everyday wear lol) Seriously cute
    You can add a cape, a little red shirt like Super Ted wears, oh and you can walk around asking people "Wanna know the magic word?" hehe

  10. haha Kitty Cate - yes, I shall whisper that!!!
    I need to research SuperTed's mannerisms.
    I want some glittery pink and purple accessories for SuperTed though. Is that too camp?

  11. That's awesome! Much more comfy than a full bear costume...which I have dressed up in...they are like saunas!

  12. I didn't want a full bear costume in February. Imagine that - would probably need to call the ambulance and when they arrive, I'd be dressed as a bear.

  13. That hoody is SO cute! I want one :D
    Good luck with the costume...

    didn't he have some funny sidekick? Maybe you could find a plush toy of the sidekick or make one? That always helps determine the 'superhero' image.

  14. Thanks Marloperry - I will think about some ways I can superheroify the jacket.
    Did SuperTed have Banana Man??

    Here is the linky to the jacket on ebay for all who wants one. If we all wore of bear ear hoodies together, it'd be like the teddy bear's picnic.



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