31 January 2010



I went in the pool.

In my bikini. Which was exciting for me, and the onlookers, I expect.

Only for about 10 minutes though.

And it was heated.

And indoors.

And was only 0.9 metres deep.

I stood up, and kicked around. It was such a funny sensation, floating and splashing in water deeper than the bath. I liked it.

It seems a bit silly, but in these past few weeks I've achieved a lot, physically. I do feel like a kid learning new skills. Some of the things I've learnt or done (bending my body in new ways, going in the pool) are things that people do every day. But for me, it's been either so long since I have done, or tried and failed once before, or not done the things at all, so for me to achieve these little things, and ENJOY doing so, is really exciting.

And my skin didn't hurt in the pool but tingles a bit now. It should be fine though. As I said, if the doctor said I can have a bleach bath, I'm sure the pool will be ok for 10 minutes.

Yay. Yay. Yay.

One small splash for me is pretty cool. Literally, I am MUCH cooler now!


  1. Good for you!!!

    Melbourne has been hot in the day and it's cooler now. Hopefully that will make you feel heaps better.

  2. I know - it is a nice cool change :)
    Thanks for the yay - I am very proud.

  3. Good work!!! First step was doing it once and now you should be fine taking a dip all the time right? :)

    P.s. I love your blog and the fact you love Bob Evans (I love him too!)

  4. Yay, so glad you went in the pool!! And glad your skin is feeling fine (wow, bleach baths, for real? Sounds so scary! lol)
    Hope Melbourne stays cool. x

  5. Thanks girls :)

    I am not sure if the pool will be a regular thing - my legs are a bit tingly now.

    As for the bleach baths - it sounds really scary an the first time I had one was at my parents house where I has 'supervision' in case things went wrong. It's half a cup of bleach to a bath of water. So very diluted. And it's surprisingly moisturising. It prevents infections.

  6. And yes, Bob Evans rocks. I live his music a lot, but disappointed he didn't make JJJ hottest 100.

  7. We should start a Bob Evans fan club!

    Good on you for going in the pool.

  8. Well done

    I would really appreciate if you visit my site http://flashingfashionx.blogspot.com/ and consider becoming a follower.

  9. Awesome that you rocked your bikini !!! - mines been in hiding for a good 7 years now. Hopefully one day i'll rock it again,

  10. Thanks so much for the positive messages :)
    Am a little sore and dry today, but not as sore as I thought I'd be due to chlorine. Yay.

  11. haha Yes to Bob Evans fan club :)

    I was also disappointed he didn't get into the Hottest 100 this year!

  12. yay! I knew you could do it! You've inspired me to try out the pool again someday too :)

  13. Go the Bob Evans fan club. I love him. But dislike JJJ listeners.

    And anonymous - glad I inspired you :)

  14. Oh Carly you are so brave! I don't think I would have had the guts if in your position.

    Very inspiring and I'm so glad you took the chance and didn't suffer for it later :)

  15. Thanks Susan!
    I might go for another dip soon

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