03 October 2012

Sore. Your ABC. News anchor confronts her bullies.

On the weekend just gone, I gave up two parties just to get some rest. I am sore. My legs are a little infected, and the antibiotics make me feel hungry and nauseous at the same time (what a stupid combination!). The hunger and nausea have cancelled the skin pain out somewhat, but I would rather the skin pain than feeling sea sick! I am off work today (and half of yesterday), resting, and have kept my pharmacy in business. I have eaten four Sao biscuits with vegemite worms, to quell the hunger/nausea.. I will try to read a book. I have wanted to do some real writing, but I am afraid I am just too tired. When I feel a little better, someone really interesting and inspirational will feature here. Promise.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I did an interview with ABC Goulburn Murray, the ABC frequency in my home town. I spoke at length about growing up in a small town with small minds, being bullied, and how blogging has been the antidote to bullying as an adult.

Read the full interview here.

Finally, have you seen this video that is doing the rounds today? Jennifer Livingston, an American news anchor on KWBT addresses her bully on air, after he wrote to her commenting about her weight. It is as though if you look different, your body doesn't belong to you, it is free to be commented on. It is a beautiful response by Jennifer.

That's all for today. A huge thank you to the response on my Rick Guidotti post too - I really appreciate your comments and shares. Mum told me it was one of my best pieces and she realised just how much time I put into writing. Aww thanks Mum! Love you!

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