18 October 2012

Our disabilities do not inconvenience you.


Our disabilities do not inconvenience you.

You do not have to be an example of (workplace) diversity every day.

You do not have to make people aware through passive or active education.

You are not asked to go elsewhere to scratch because it annoys people around you.

You do not lack in receiving physical affection because people are afraid to touch you.

You do not have policies about your lifestyle made by people who don't lead similar lifestyles.

You are not misrepresented or under represented in mainstream media.

You are not forced to enter buildings by the back door past the bins because that is the only ramp access, or worse still, not at all because the building does not have a ramp.

You do not require assistance to feed, toilet, shower or dress yourself.

You do not have to hold off from going to the toilet because public toilets are inaccessible.

Your face is not something that people stare at - or worse - look away from in disgust.

You can earn - and spend - your money as you like.

You are not excluded by steps on shops, restaurants and public transport.

You do not have to pay for the air you breathe.

You are not ridiculed on a daily basis.

You are not excluded from communication because you cannot hear see or speak.

Your intelligence is never questioned.

You are not interrogated by people asking questions about the way you look.

You do not have to endure constant pain when you walk, breathe, sit, or barely move.

You do not make people uncomfortable by the way you look or act.

You are not considered an inspiration just by going to the supermarket.

You do not have to put up with assumptions and statements made by narrow minded people.

Our disabilities do not inconvenience you. Have some perspective.


  1. perfect! just PERFECT!!! Xxxx

  2. and one from Mawmie's perspective: Your heart is not more heavy because of your grandchild's HLHS than mine is because my grandchild has EKV.

  3. What they ^ said!!
    And why don't all buildings have ramps? They'd be so handy even for people not needing wheelchairs. The elderly who are afraid of slipping on stairs, the elderly who have frame walkers, or "shoppers" (sometimes called gophers), mums with prams, all of these people would appreciate ramps. and they should be at the front of the building or at least near the front even if just around a corner by a side entrance. Not hidden away at the back, that's hardly accessible.

  4. Fucking well said Lady x

  5. Replies
    1. I'm not sure whether you're saying yes x 1000 in agreement, or whether you think disabilities inconvenience you :)
      I hope it is the former!

  6. Well said Carly,
    I am mum to a 7 year old boy who has special needs (not going to list them all but he needs care 100% of his day) I spend so much time making everyone else feel okay about it, being told I am a brilliant amazing super human person when I am just being a mum. So it struck me when you said you are considered an inspiration going to the supermarket.... I mean I don't mind inspiring people but people make it sound super human to love my son I get annoyed bc why does it get made out that I would I need super human qualities to love him. No-one tells me I am inspiring when I am out an about with my other son but overall I would love to be inspiring as a mum in general. Hope that makes sense....


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