28 October 2012

Putting the CAN into Canberra: breakfast buffets + gift shops = happiness #humanbrochure day 2

Happiness is a breakfast buffet and an art gallery gift shop featuring on the same day. Oh my gosh! These activities alone have made for a very positive Human Brochure experience so far. I have been Instagramming the heck out of Canberra. Seriously. Follow my adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Follow the Human Brochure on social media via the hashtag #humanbrochure

Yesterday Tash and I were up bright and early (much brighter than today, believe me!) and headed down to the Ox Eatery in the foyer of our hotel to have the breakfast buffet.

What a treat it was! We shared our experience with the lovely Rhubarb Whine and her husband That Sparky.

There was a mix of cereal, fruit, ham, cheese, yoghurts (Yalla yoghurt!) and pastries.

I had a waffle, some bircher muesli in a pot and a glass of pineapple juice. So good.
All day we indulged. We counted 13 courses of food and 13 glasses of wine - and that was not counting breakfast and BEFORE the drinks at the bar plus pretzels and sweets back in the hotel room. Tash suggested we may need muesli bars to sustain ourselves on the bus. Pfft I told her - we are in the FOODIES stream! I feel SO lucky. We really are living the good life! I will report more about the food soon. We also made some wonderful new friends including my fellow Sydney Writers Centre Best Blogs finalist Jeremy from Taste Explorer and his girl Tracey, Phoebe from Diaries of Bella and Chanel from
Cats Love Cooking.

We got in touch with nature again amongst all the eating. Make a wish! (I wish this weekend didn't have to end!)

We toured the National Gallery of Australia (more reports to come) and of course I spent a lot of time in the gift shops! I firmly believe a measure of a good gallery is its gift shop. This one had two, and they did not disappoint. They had lots of stationery, pottery, books, skincare, jewellery, toys and posters.
I feel I am growing up, because I bought some homeware. A little green vase (wrapped safely) and these, Roald Dahl story mugs. Love them!
So today I predict everyone will be a little slow moving and cloudy headed. We are going to brunch at the botanical gardens (right after I sneak in a waffle!) and then off to another winery! This certainly is the life. We have eaten so much good food, and as Rhubarb Whine said, "the next Human Brochure tour will be sponsored by Jenny Craig"! Thank you Australian Capital Tourism for this great experience.

Disclaimer: All of the commentary on this post and future posts about Human Brochure are my own thoughts about the city. This trip has been paid for by Australian Capital Tourism. I was chosen to participate in the Human Brochure initiative because of my strong social media presence.

PS: There is a very beautiful chair in our hotel room. And I think I need to start saving my money for one!

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