28 November 2010

Music I've been missing - River, Joni Mitchell/Angus Stone

When I was watching Love Actually the other night, I was reminded of a beautiful song. River by Joni Mitchell. It was the music I've been missing.

It sounds like something played on a music box, with a little ice skater dancing around the perimeter when the music box opens. The lyrics are so wistful. So regretful.

My Mum used to listen to Joni Mitchell when I was a kid. I never appreciated the beauty of this song, or any of her music. And despite watching Love Actually 879 times, it was actually only when I heard Angus Stone's version of River that I realised its magic, and I then revisited Joni's.

Sometimes, when I hear classic songs for the first time, I realise I should have heard them years ago, and feel guilty for not giving the great music the attention it (and I) deserved. Hell, what was I thinking when I bought Holly Valance's Kiss Kiss on CD when I should have been listening to Joni.

Like Alanis Morissette, I need to play your [Mum's] Joni someday.


  1. I love Joni...especially River! Kate Miller Heidke does a gorgeous version also. The album this song (the original) is off - Blue - is one of my favourite albums ever. EVER. :)

  2. I love Joni Mitchesll's River and many of the cover.


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