27 November 2010

Saturday: sausageless, self-gifting and superfoods

It was election day today. State election in Victoria. To be honest, I couldn't care about the outcome (Brumby or Ballieu, and a friend of mine is running in the Sex Party). (I don't think having sex is an activity needed to run the state or country, however. But members may have sex to celebrate/commiserate the outcome (pun!) of election day.) (I have a Sex Party sticker on my TV table, come to think of it.)

All I cared about today was getting a sausage. Remember the Federal election day? Sausages were abundant, even when I'd already voted during the week. And I even forgave the apostrophe misuse on this clever sign at my local primary school.
Today there were no sausages for the state.

I was eager to get a sausage. My Facebook updates prove it:
Approx 7.15 am: What time do the Victorian polling booths open? I want a sausage.

And then disappointment:
Approx 8.30 am: What sort of democracy is this? No sausages at the polling booths.

Apparently I was too early for sausages. It's never too early for a sausage. But I wasn't in Melbourne during the day to get a sausage. And I missed out.

Friends provided Facebook updates about the state of the sausages (excuse the pun). A few missed out, including an election official - 'what does that say about the state of the state?' is an excellent summary from a friend about this sausageless election day. I got an election tip: 'My boyfriend says you should move to a marginal seat if you want snags, and a really marginal one if you don't want to pay for them...' - I don't know what marginal means, but if it means getting a sausage, then HELL to the YEAH!

In other election news (and don't I feel stupid writing about the election when I am so uninformed and disinterested?), I received this pamphlet from the man himself on Thursday:
Justin Madden is my local member and was at my train station. He used to be a footballer. (I had a bit of a fan girl moment, for just a second, and on the inside. Strange, because I hate football? And don't care for the election. Perhaps I go 'fan girl' over any 'celebrity'?)

People can be ANYTHING (they aspire to?) these days. Serious career changes are made. Footballers and musicians (Peter Garrett) become politicians. Meanwhile, Shane Warne, former Australian cricketer and former crush of mine, pre text messaging, becomes a creator of a McDonalds burger.
(source - or should that be sauce?)

I mentioned I wasn't in Melbourne today. I took a day trip to Bendigo to see my friend Danielle, her husband and their cute three month old baby girl. It was lovely meeting and cuddling her baby - I am better with kids than I imagined! On my way home I called in at Bob Boutique, my favourite Bendigo store. The owner remembered me and my love of pandas.

I did some self-gifting (a term coined by Faux Fuschia) at Bob. It is filled with delightfully cute things. As I said to the owner, I always marvel at my ability to buy so many things in such a small amount of time (I made my choices in, say 10 minutes?!?).

I bought four things - the one with the Christmas wrap is a present for my Aunty in the UK.
Here is a panda stamp.
And another panda spoon.
And a wombat and koala writing set - I adore stationery and also love wombats.
I am supposed to be seeing a band tonight. But the band comes on at 11.20pm. I can't stay up that long! On account of the scheduled time of performance, my hayfever, a long drive today, and feeling a bit sore, I am not going. Sorry, The John Steele Singers. You make nice music and I know you're on the cusp of greatness. And I know I've vowed to see bands before they get astronomical (regretful I was too sick to see Megan Washington back in September and now she's stomping the music scene like nobody's business), but you're just on too late for Nanna Carly. I need a matinee show.

Instead, I stayed in and had a very healthy dinner of superfoods.

Raw salmon (I prefer it raw).
My salad was inspired by Apples under my Bed - but I hate broad beans so I used kale, spinach and asparagus, topped with mango and and feta.
Fresh sardines - more oily fish - great for my skin!
Look how cheap they were! 73 cents for five! Less money than a tin of sardines, and better for you!
Right now I am sort of watching Stardust on TV. I like the idea of it - fallen stars, fairytale romance, but...it's a bit too much fantasty genre for me. Claire Danes looks exactly as beautiful and delicate as she did in Romeo and Juliet, except in Stardust she wears silver.

I am soon going to drink pink wine and read magazines. Again, apologies to The John Steele Singers (but you still get my ticket profit, right??).
I wonder how Good Weekend will be without my favourite columnist Maggie Alderson?


  1. Thanks for the blog link, Carly! Your salad looks delicious. Mmmm sardines! I enjoyed Stardust, and I didn't think I would. How gorgeous is Claire Danes? Especially in Romeo & Juliet (love that movie). Have a great night!
    Heidi xo

  2. Happy to report I got my sausage this time (after missing out at the Fed election!). At $2, I shared it with Trent, what a steel!

    Love Claire Danes in R&J also!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Nice to know that my odd rambles don't put too many people off.

    Deepest condolences for your sausageless Saturday. Terribly unAustralian!

    (Valerie, by the way — in case you don't check my blog again — is my wonderful if slightly nutty girlfriend. She facilitates all my strange doings.)

  4. I live in one of the most marginal seats in NSW (whoever wins our seat normally wins the election) and we still have to pay for our sausages :-(

    On another note, I kind of have a crush on our federal member and I have no idea why, maybe the power thing??? Anyway I totally understand your fan girl moment because I get very excited when he is handing out flyers at our train station in the mornings

  5. We had sausages and cakes and everything at my polling station. And I believe it's a slightly marginal seat, so that probably explains it all.

    That panda stamp looks just too cute. I'm pretty sure I have no current use for a panda stamp, but I would make one up just so I could have it.


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