29 November 2010

My summer of live music

One thing I am looking forward to this summer is the live music I will be seeing. Granted, most of it takes place in the first half of December though.

My summer of live music starts on Friday 3 December with U2. I have seen U2 in 2006 - admittedly, I was quite disappointed because I'd probably built them up to be more fantastic in my mind. I really love everything they've released until and including All That You Can't Leave Behind, and nothing since. I bought a $40 ticket, so I'll be sitting up in the sky. I knew if I didn't buy a ticket, I'd be disappointed for not going. Other than Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, I think this song is my favourite by U2.

The next concert I am seeing is Bon Jovi on Saturday 11 December. I am going with the beautiful Cheryl from Business Chic. I am really excited about letting my inner bogan rock out. There are a few Bon Jovi songs I am fond of, including this one.

In These Arms is from the Keep the Faith album. Keep the Faith was the second CD I ever received, for my twelfth birthday in 1993. The first CD I received was Janet by Janet Jackson, along with my large boombox CD player just before my birthday.

Jon Bon Jovi is as hot now in 2010 as he was in 1993.



So many concerts that I found it hard to schedule in my birthday party. I am having two - a dinner this Saturday night and drinks on Friday 10 December.

After Bon Jovi is Muse, on 15 December, right after a Christmas party. I bought tickets on impulse, on a whim, because I really enjoyed Muse's concert on DVD - I watched it three times in three days recently - and the tickets were cheap affordable. I read a recent article about Muse, and I think it's pretty cool Matt Bellamy had the dream to become a superstar and now he has. I don't know many of their songs, but I know that I love Time is Running Out more than their more recent stuff. It was the song that made me discover them. And I also saw them at the Big Day Out in 2004.

The last big concert I have a ticket to is Sia. I have really taken notice of Sia since We Are Born was released earlier this year. She has an interesting sound. The concert is not til February so it gives me a chance to acquaint myself with more of her music.

I think she's interestingly beautiful, and has a pretty brilliant (and eccentric) imagination.

The last concert I am looking forward to is Kings of Leon in March 2011. I really hope to get tickets to it, despite my rather unfavourable review of their current album. Fingers crossed I get tickets! I can't wait to see them play their old stuff...

I am sure there will be more smaller shows I'll see too.

I will blog about them all!


  1. You're going to see Muse! That will be AWESOME!

  2. Breathe Me by Sia is so sad but excellent... I kind of want to see her, but am going to a gig the night before...

  3. Carly - you are too sweet, thanks for including me in this post, I cannot wait! I watched the clip and am totally with you; I'll be unleashing the inner bogan something mental when they play this track too. I'LL HOLD YA.... ! sooooo looking forward to this - not long now! BAAAAAABY! Xx

  4. Muse are excellent in concert - I have seen them a couple of times now, outdoors at the River Stage in Montreal and also indoors for a big stadium style concert in Montreal. I think you will enjoy it Carly!

  5. I would love to see U2 i am so jealous! I hope you take lots of photos!


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