08 November 2010

Megan Washington - Sunday Best at the 2010 ARIAs

This performance was so damn good it deserved its own separate blog entry.

I love it! The hair. The dancing. The singing. The feathers. The dress. Wow :)

Holy shit! You sure can turn it on!


  1. She was awesome!

    Though was it just me who noticed a slight wardrobe malfunction with that hot red dress?

  2. I love Washington normally but I have to disagree. Her performance was terribly out of tune and her costumes were disgustingly cheap. Pity such a talented artist had to resort to such low class theatrics.

  3. Todd - I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on all three of your main points. With regards to tune - I may have to suggest that your ears are out of tune. Second, with regards to the costume's being disgustingly cheap, I wonder how you could tell from the 4 pixels your tv-I-found-on-the-side-of-the-road has? Of course, given your comment, I assume none of what you're wearing is made from anything other than the finest Egyptian cotton and tailored by Franciscan monks in the mountains of Nepoli, given that you're such an EXPERT on quality. Finally, and most importantly it would appear that your idea of an acceptable and no-frills non-theatrical performance is a guy with a beard and a guitar wearing the same thing he wore to get wasted the previous five nights. Forgive me and the Australian public for liking a little production value you cultureless motherfucker.

  4. RESPECTFULLY disagree? Yeah that's exactly what you did right there.

    I know who this is by the way and I think it's so sad that you have to cope with your lack of male attention by anonymously abusing my fiance over the internet.

  5. Thanks to Shinx for defending my honour. We are all entitled to our opinions, one of the things I like about Carly's blog is the manner in which she puts hers forward.

    I stand by my comments an anon should counter with the merits of their POV, I'd be interested to hear it... because you haven't provided it yet

  6. Ooh, I wasn't expecting such vitriolic commenting on Radio Carly! Terribly dramatic.

    Just discovered your blog Carly, and I'm really enjoying it. I can't really remember how I came across it, but I think it was via Cheryl from @busichic. Either way, quite fortuitous, because it's a good read!

    All the best,

  7. Oh, I got so distracted by the above that I forgot what I was actually going to say.

    It's been quite fun reading all the #ARIAs fallout, and at least I've discovered some new music as a result. Just discovered my boyfriend has Megan Washington on his iPod, so I'm listening to her now. Fab tunes!

    Poppy xox

  8. For what its worth I thought Megan was fantastic. And I too thought that there was maybe a little boob flash at one point - but hey .... it's the Aria's.

  9. Cheap costumes plus out of tune performance...such a disastrous moment for her.

  10. I think she sounds the same as she does on the radio. Maybe my ears are out (going by these above comments!!). I enjoyed this, thanks Carly! I missed the arias so thanks for all the recaps.
    Heidi xo

  11. It's interesting how this performance has divided people. I think Megan Washington is awesome. I have no idea how much her outfit may have cost. But I think that it is not as cheap looking as some of the women featured on popular music videos.
    I like the debate. Though play nice :)


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