12 August 2010

Something in the pipeline....

Something ridiculously exciting is in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more details :) 2010 is the year of opportunity for me!

In other news, I am about to have a weekend that will be busy to the million.

Friday night: Mary Poppins at the theatre

Saturday: Filming my sketches for Channel 31. I AM FILMING!!! Can't believe it! Please don't rain, please don't rain. I am so excited!

Saturday night: Basement Birds concert including SOUNDCHECK AND MEET AND GREET! So excited about that too.

Sunday: STUDY. Seriously. Not so excited about this, but it's got to be done and I a excited about the outcome. It's three months tomorrow until I finish my Masters degree.

Ok, gotta go. Cooking, cleaning, then Rush.

Stay tuned for my exciting news...

And also, I have not forgotten about the How did you find me? giveaway. I am aiming for 30 comments, but if I get more, I'd be chuffed. It's so interesting to read how you found me - I want to read more stories!

PS: don't forget Tune into Radio Carly has a Facebook page.


  1. Carly - I'm another lurker but I always enjoy your posts. You have such a great way with words and you have so many great qualities. So a short note to say - You Rock!


  2. Your enthusiasm is infectious! I'm excited and I don't even know what I'm excited about yet! Hopefully the weather will behave on the weekend and your filming will go perfectly.


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