18 August 2010

Carly and Kristy's Laksa King adventure

I met up with Kristy last night. She was in Melbourne on business. It's become a tradition to meet each other in our respective cities when either one of us travels for work.

We went to the new Laksa King in Flemington. It's flash. Lots of communal tables, funky chairs, and an indoor wall garden. It's a very busy place – we waited a while for a table. During this time Kristy showed me pictures of cakes she and her boy bought from Zumbo. I experienced cyber food envy - I wanted one of those beautifully handcrafted cakes. Maybe she can bring me one from Sydney next time?

This new Laksa King has been open a few weeks. It used to be hidden away in a dingy alcove in a shopping centre around the corner from its new home. There's another Laksa King outlet in the food court of a local mega-mall, but it's too risky eating there because there's a high chance I'll buy something from Cue after my chicken laksa.

There is over 130 items on Laksa King's menu. Fried noodles, seafood dishes, spring rolls and fried rices, and more. Despite the large selection, I only ever get the chicken laksa. We both did. We did branch out by ordering the roast pork belly with star anise, soy and caramel sauce and Asian greens to share. I had some roti. The meal was giant, delicious and $20 each! And warming on the chilly Melbourne night.

The giant bowl of laksa was mildly spicy, filled with rice and egg noodles and chicken, and the eggplant and tofu absorbs the wonderful coconut flavoured soup. I made a claim that this is the best laksa in Melbourne.

We thought the pork belly was the most tender we'd ever tasted, though would have preferred the skin to have been crispier.
Kristy was particularly excited about the pork belly.

My roti was comforting. I love the texture and semi sweetness of roti. I wish it wasn't so fattening.

In between slurps of noodles, we talked about wildly inappropriate topics that only good friends can get away with talking about. Our conversation was ridiculous at times!

We laughed about just how much food we'd ordered between us, and were delighted that it was so damn cheap. We mused about how we should have worn elasticised pants. Maybe if we had have eaten at the Laksa King in the food court, we could have stopped in a Target afterward to buy ourselves some elasticised pants.


  1. Hellooo.
    You have been tagged girl:)

  2. LOL at the elasticised pants
    Looks like you guys had an awesome time, you both look lovely in these shots. x

  3. I really shouldn't look at blog posts about food when I'm fasting! Arghhh my grumbly tum! :( I love roti too... Soooo gooood

  4. I SO have to go there ... this food looks and sounds delicious - and yes I will be wearing stretchy pants, thanks for that tip! How fun!


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