29 August 2010

Filming the sketches. Best day ever.

I'm gonna make a grandiose statement and say that filming my sketches for No Limits yesterday was one of the best days I've ever had.

As fantastic as when I met the cast of Rush. As heart racing as when I met Callan Mulvey. As thrilling as when Darren Hayes kissed and hugged me from the stage and held my hand during a song. As touching as my first kiss. As rewarding as graduating from university.

It was brilliant. And so much fun. We all laughed a lot. A lot.

It all came together in the end. The weather was perfect for outdoor filming. Friends spared some of or all of their day to co-star. The Grit Media staff were very professional and encouraging. And I didn't giggle during sketches, contrary to everyone's fears during (an extremely brief) rehearsal.

I put a call out on Twitter for males to star in my sketches, as my friends originally lined up couldn't make it yesterday. I had a couple of people contact me, and I chose one based on him being a polite emailer, he showed good spelling, was good looking and the first to respond. I had visions of him turning up and being all weird, but he was absolutely fantastic, we hit it off straight away, and I think I've made a good new friend in Rohan. The sketches were very personal to me, and I really needed empathetic people to co-star, and Rohan did this perfectly despite us not meeting until yesterday morning.

It was funny to see people on the street stop and watch us film. During one scene, I was wolf whistled at. And you know how I yearn to be wolf whistled at! It was a friend from work. How funny!

I feel proud to have written, cast, starred in and co-directed these black comedy sketches and I can't wait for you to all see them when they air next year on No Limits.

One thing I learned through filming the sketches was the severity of comments made to me about my appearance. When people in the street stop me to ask why I look like this, or comment on my appearance, I just take it. I shrug it off. Just another thing really. Just a part of my life. But writing these down and delivering these statements hit hard. And now I realise why my friends and family are so quick to fiercely defend me.

I didn't take any photos during filming. It was too busy. After the sketches, however, some of us went to a bar. I had many drinks. Many drinks indeed.

Trudie, Scott (cameraman/director extraordinaire),
and Rohan (thank god he was normal).

I marveled at the stuffed, pearl-clad ostrich.

Many drinkies indeed.
I wish I had written the giraffe into the sketches.

Rohan and I practicing awkward kissing.
(I changed the script midway through.)

Rohan was the best fake-date ever.

Thank you to everyone involved yesterday. You truly made my day and I value your friendship and commitment so very much.


    Am glad you had a BRILLIANT day :) x

  2. Rohan is cute. Is he straight and single? Congrats Carly, can't wait to see your show :)
    Lucy xx

  3. Thanks for posting about your filming, I can't wait to see your skits!!
    And Rohan is a cutie, perfect casting Carly ;)

  4. So so happy to have my first proper acting experience in ur amazing collection of stories! I feel so privileged! Thank u for choosing me! And I'm so happy I was able to do this for u xxx
    I can't wait to see the final product! I had a ball, just so sorry I had to babysit & missed out on the fun afterwards
    All my love Kate

  5. A giraffe and an ostrich - a good night indeed!

    SSG xxx

  6. I fully thought that was someone's awesome pearled arm in the sky. Sounds like heaps of fun and can't wait to see xx

  7. Sounds like you had a blast, many congrats! Hopefully you'll be able to post for those of us who can't watch!

  8. Wow these comments are going to give me a big head! *blush*

    I'm really glad you had such a good time Carly. It feels really good to helped make this happen. The sketches are going to come out brilliantly, and it'll be a real thrill to see what you've created on TV.

    As to the drinks afterwards. I must admit, I woke up the next day with a little bit of a headache! Good times!




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