22 August 2010

First filming assignment

Yesterday evening was my first time filming. My first time in front of the camera. Actually, if you count the You Tube video of me with the Rush cast, it was my second time.

While my sketches were postponed again due to bad weather, I was sent on a bit of a reporting job.

I directed, presented and interviewed with the lovely Carrie, my No Limits co-star. Callum and Daniel did a great job as sound and camera guys.

Carrie and I had a lot of fun, and I felt like we were proper journos.

We were at a dinner-dance event for people with disabilities at a town hall. While the event was funded and advertised by the council, planning, decorating and running the event was done by a committee of very talented people with disabilities. This enabled the event not just to be for people with disabilities, but for them to get a say (and develop skills) in how they wanted the event to run. The committee said they felt very valued and included by the council they worked with.

It was so great to chat to the committee on camera - they were very excited! We also danced with and chatted to some of the participants on the dance floor. Carrie and I enjoyed giving the committee members and participants a voice, and they were very appreciative for the opportunity.

Carrie and I spent a lot of time talking to the people we were going to interview on camera before filming began, taking note of names, roles and activities they did leading up to the event.

While I was a bit nervous, feedback from the camera and sound guys, and Carrie, was that I looked and spoke very comfortably in front of the camera. I think my day job as an events planner made me comfortable approaching strangers for a chat, and I did my best in engaging them for the camera.

Here are a few outfit shots from yesterday.

Dress by Temt, jacket by Target, boots by London Rebel, stockings by Myer, necklace by Wiyomu, headband by Diva.

No Limits will air on Channel 31 from December 2010.


  1. excellent outfit- how gripping is the election?

  2. Awesome Carly,
    Can't wait to see the new season of the show

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time shooting, Carly!! Can't wait to see the finished product :) x


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