27 December 2016

Silent Tears exhibition at MAMA Albury

This post mentions violence toward women with disability. 
I went to see Silent Tears at MAMA - Murray Art Museum Albury in Albury on the weekend. It was moving and heartfelt and the stories of the women show bravery and endurance. Silent Tears is an exhibition showing photos of women with disability who have survived violence. The photos have been taken by Belinda Mason.

I am featured in Silent Tears - Belinda asked me because I've been the subject of online abuse as well as regular micro-aggressions about my appearance. There is a transparent large photo which hangs from the ceiling. See it and read about it here  There is also a documentary series where participants  are featured in every day settings. You can see my photo and read about it here.

I don't feel worthy when the other brave women are survivors of horrific violent circumstances. I haven't been subject to physical violence but the daily grind of ableism and microaggression is wearing, and the online hate speech is certainly awful.

My friends Anj and Jane (below left) and all the other women photographed: you are amazing. 

Thank you for including me Belinda, congratulations to all the women for speaking out about violence, and thanks to MAMA for hosting it. 

Silent Tears project contains images and stories that  include depictions  and some graphic accounts of violence against women. 

Need Help? Are you experiencing sexual assault or domestic and family violence Seeking to support someone who is? Help and assistance can be found. Call this number  1800 737 732 to access counselling delivered by qualified, experienced professionals 24-hours a day, seven days a week, from the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service. www.1800respect.org.au.

If you are feeling unsafe right NOW, call 000.

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