20 December 2016

Healthcare and disability article for the ABC

I'm excited about my second publication on ABC News this week. I was commissioned to interview a few people with disability who navigate the healthcare system. I spoke with an Aboriginal woman, a woman from rural Victtoria and a young man. They were so generous with their stories. Here's the final piece.

Here's a blurb:

"Those of us with disabilities often find a visit to the doctor leaves us feeling like we're forever the teacher, especially if our disability is rare or little understood.

A quick trip to the GP for a cold can become a long appointment where I'm giving a curious doctor an explainer on my disability.

Or there's the flipside, where my disability is forgotten and the doctor fails to realise the impact it has on my general health."

Read more here. (Also, the comments suggest a headline was the only thing read...)

Thanks for having me ABC News! And thanks James, Michelle and Tracy for your time and lived experience. 

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  1. Or the trip to the doctor can leave you feeling depressed yet again because your invisible, not understood healrh is yet again dumped into the "depression/psychsomatic" box and no real search is undertaken to identify the roit cause. And if you, the suffere, actuallt self diagnose they raise their eyes to the heavens knowing they finally have proof that you're a nutcase. Unusual or rare problems are non existent dontcha know. 😉


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