30 December 2016

Giggling on the Just A Spoonful podcast



You know when you have a crush on someone and somehow you magic your life so your worlds collide and you do something together? Well that hadn't happened to me until I was asked to be on the Just a Spoonful podcast with Kaitlyn Plyley earlier in the year. I had SUCH a giddy crush on this podcast. I remember listening to all of the previous episodes the week I discovered the podcast. I loved the interviews with chronically ill and disabled guests. And I love the theme song, which is often stuck in my head for hours after listening. But my biggest crush was on Kaitlyn's accent! (I now realise I'm on the verge of being one of those micro-aggressors who can't get past how amazing she sounds - but I swear I see Kaitlyn's big, creative brain too!) And so can you imagine my excitement when I got to talk to her on the podcast for real?!

Listen to the podcast here:

Unlike the miserable eventuation of many of my crushes, Kaitlyn and I became BFFs immediately when we started talking. I KNEW we would get along. She is so nice and funny and smart and accomplished. What I didn't know is she is as big a Savage Garden fan as I am. Friends, you're in for a treat. 

We talk about the awful film Me Before You (I had not watched it yet) and the concept of Cripping up, oppression Olympics, the guilt I feel when I'm not able to work, and how hard it can be to prove ourselves because of our disability. And then there's a whole heap of NOT talking about disability, which I really like. Here's a quote: 

"There's that pressure, you know, because I've been given an opportunity to work, been given a lot of opportunities, [that] I have to perform at 120%. I do most of my writing in bed, because I have to conserve that energy ... My priorities go, my skin and then my day job, because they have to." 

I must warn you - not to put you off, because I hope you'll stick around - this podcast goes a little like this: Hello. Giggle. I GUSH OVER HER ACCENT. SHE GUSHES OVER MY DRESSES. More giggle. Disability talk. Giggle. Pop culture. Giggle giggle. OMG YOU DO LOOK LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER! Giggle giggle giggle. Disability talk. Serious stuff. Giggle. OMFG WHY DIDN'T WE TALK ABOUT SAVAGE GARDEN FOR THE WHOLE EPISODE?! I really mean that. Giggle. Savage Garden song. 

Kaitlyn and I met IRL in Melbourne a few months after recording the podcast. She understands the need to bring a blanket to other people's houses because of likely coldness and soreness. We are yet to start our own Savage Garden Gigglers podcast, but that's a good idea, right?!


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The podcast artwork is by Erin Michelle. And the song is called Sleepless - it is by Anna O

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