16 December 2016

My blog turns 7 today. An article I wrote. Thank you for being a friend.



My little blog turns seven today! It's seven years since I started off with this small voice

Over the years, I've been more courageous to share big opinions - my voice has become much bigger. (Some times I get into arguments with people on the Internet - I work very hard at being diplomatic.) 

I wrote about those awful tag a mate memes, and the impact of ridiculing people's appearances on the Internet. Because that happened to me three years ago next week. 


Here's an excerpt:

"Sadly, some people I know have tagged their mates in memes of overweight women. Even when I’ve told them about the impact these memes have on me and others, they don’t get it. They don’t understand what it’s like to be mocked or excluded because of their appearance.

A first-hand story about how these types of memes affect an actual person is not enough for them to become empathetic and remorseful. They just get defensive. I thought that once they knew about how I’ve been treated because of appearance, they might stop engaging in this immature, heartless activity. They didn’t.

When I speak up, I’m told to move on. It’s just friendly chatter. They’re good people, just having a laugh. They’re not doing any harm.

Except they are. And if they claim to be inclusive and against bullying, they are contradicting their values by sharing these memes for a laugh."

Who would have thought seven years ago I would be published on national news sites? I didn't. Starting a blog has been the best thing for my career. I'm living my writing dream. Thank you to all the editors who have published me. And thanks to the people who hired me to speak too. It's seriously a privilege to be paid to do things I love.

And it's been great for making friends too. I had a little meetup at the art gallery on the weekend. These lovely ladies, and a man, came to hang out and it was so much fun! 
I want to do more of these catch ups soon. What do you suggest?

Blogging has given me so much - most of all getting to know myself, become more confident and be proud of living with a disability.

Thanks for reading here (and chatting on Facebook and Twitter for all these years.  Thanks for the positive comments, and for telling me when I don't get it right. Your readership, support and friendship means so much. I love this little place of mine on the Internet. 

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