11 December 2016

Buy a 2017 Walander to support heart and lung transplant patients.

Are you looking for a last minute Christmas present, or a just-because-present, or simply need a calendar because you some have one and you're one frantic schedule away from missing an event? (Maybe that last one is just me - I don't have a clock in the house either!)

My BFF Camille has created the Walander - featuring her beautiful dog Wally. Wally is an Instagram star! I met him for tn first time last year and had a cuddle, and Cam snapped a pic. The hits on my Instagram were off the charts! 

Wally LOVES to get dressed up. He really does. Here's a video of him pulling out his costumes from a drawer. And so Wally's rocking the model poses from January to December 2017 in a calendar.


One hundred percent of the funds raised from the Walander will go to the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust of Victoria  

The Trust helps patients on the transplant waiting list, and people who have received generous organ donations. The Trust provides apartments to post-transplant patients - it's within walking distance of The Alfred. This becomes a place to call home for 3 months while they go through the most traumatic experience of their lives. It also gives a fitness grant to post transplant patients, so they can maintain their fitness while recovering. Other services include welfare funding to patients who require it, and a contact line for anyone who needs to talk. What an amazing service. 

Camille received her new lungs in 2013, and is now Vice President of the Trust. And Wally has brought so much joy into Cam's life. Look!


Walanders are $25 plus $5 standard postage, or a little extra for express. 

Wally won't get out of bed for less than 5 treats a day now. Such a diva. 
This is not a sponsored post. I bought my own Walander. You can sign up to the organ donor via this link in Australia. Google the organ donation programs in your country. Don't forget to tell your loved ones your donor wishes. 

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