31 October 2014

More thoughts on misappropriation of scary face at Halloween.

I did an interview about my thoughts on scary face at Halloween yesterday. Please be considerate of misappropriation that may offend. It's over here.

And don't read the comments.

My actual writing on this topic is on my blog. It's in far more detail than the interview.

    Today three parents of kids with Ichthyosis told me their kids were asked if they were dressed for Halloween. I don't want to know that others think my claims are outrageous. The reactions to these kids is why I speak up.


Song of the day. Because online comments.

"I'm lightning on my feet

And that's what they don't see,

that's what they don't see.

I'm dancing on my own,

I make the moves up as I go,

And that's what they don't know."





  1. This also goes for people using offensive blackface/yellowface/redface as part of Halloween costumes.Appropriating someone else's race or culture for comedic effect and or shock value shouldn't be used as a Halloween costume,yet there are a select few who persist on doing it.On a side note:Funny you used Taylor swift's video considering the controversy it caused over Swift dressing up as a 'caricature' and appropriating stereotypes.

    1. Hey thanks for your comment! I wrote about the cultural misappropriation in the blog post I linked to above!
      As for Taylor Swift, I didn't even know about the controversy re the video. Sorry if I have offended you or anyone else.

  2. I loved what you had to say, and I think a lot of the commenters missed the point. You weren't standing in the way of their Halloween fun at all! I also think you raised a bigger issue of "different" faces being made the villains in popular culture... which is why they then become Halloween costume choices. We need more acceptance of diversity in looks AND behaviour (and less of a perceived link between the two) in our culture. Thank you, again, for being so brave and vulnerable and wise.


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