26 October 2014

And so we're here. One year on.

It's a year since Adam and I met in person today. We went on a rather untalkative date to a Mexican restaurant. Neither of us thought we'd be here together today.

I saw this quote and thought it matched that picture perfectly.

The way he looks at me. It's love like I've never imagined. He loves me for my everything - even for the things that others couldn't bring themselves to love. A couple of weeks ago I was woken in the middle of the night by his caress on my face. I drifted back to sleep, happy and loved. When he said goodbye to me in the morning, I said "I felt you touching my face in the night". He smiled big, saying he's so glad I felt it. I said that no one touches my face, and so this was the greatest. Those cliches are right. Being in love is like being in our own world.

This love is like a fire. It's certainty, it's fun, it's silly and it allows us to be ourselves.

There's one more first anniversary to mark this year. Aren't we just the luckiest?


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  1. Just so beautiful, Carly. I've loved watching and reading how your relationship has blossomed. Here's to many more years together. x


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