06 October 2014

How wonderful life is now that you are in my world.

Today marks exactly one year since Adam contacted me through OK Cupid. I went back through my emails confirming the date - and while I can't see his full message because I no longer have an account, I could see that he told me I seem like a nice person and that he likes my smile. At first - because of a bit of spelling judgement and assertive activism on my part - and some very uneventful dates - I didn't think it would work out between us. But I'm so glad he was tenacious in his perseverance, and I'm so glad I gave him a go.

Every nignt we talk about the best thing about our day. "You", he tells me, without fail. He just has to look at me and I know he loves me.

Love is hard - it takes work. The mundane can detract from the romance. There are compromises and a whole lot of learning for both of us. But it's so worth it. He's my biggest fan, and I'm his. And we've both grown incredibly.

Who would have thought our lives would have changed so much in a year? A proper relationship. An overseas trip. An engagement. A change in jobs for both of us. Moving in together. Just wow.

There will be more anniversaries in the coming weeks. Our first date, our second and third dates. The one where he took my hand and said he was my boyfriend. But today, a year since he sent that hopeful message, marks the moment he came into my life.

How wonderful it is. How lucky we are. This is the love story I've dreamed of being a part in.

Here's his song for me, the one he sent me before we'd even met.



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