18 October 2014

Sticking my hand in a giant tub of paraffin will probably feel like I'm helping a cow give birth.

I ran some errands this morning - visits to the post office and pharmacy.

The pharmacist made me up a two litre tub of cream (my usual mix of 60% soft white paraffin and 40% liquid paraffin). My tubs are usually 500 grams. This is huge!!

I imagine dipping my hand into this giant tub will feel like a farmer who helps a cow give birth.

Ichthyosis can be messy, itchy, embarassing, inconvenient and can attract stupid comments. Thank goodness for seeing the funny side!

Tell me something funny about your disability or illness?

(Also pictured are some products I use in the bath/shower: table salt for baths (cheap and good for infections), MooGoo eczema and psoriasis cream (I have only used this on my hands), Aquaphor bath wash (DeDe gave it to me in her wonderful houseguest hamper when I was in Connecticut - it's a non creamy bath wash, and a good size for travel - I will reuse the container), and a large pump pack of QV Gentle Wash (I decant this into a smaller bottle and use in the shower - it's a great every day wash, though I prefer MooGoo Mini Bubbly because it's even gentler and leaves the skin in tact when I wash - I don't scrub like many people with Ichthyosis do).

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