28 October 2014

Love Your Sister book giveaway plus TedX videos.

It's been such a privilege to cover some of the Love Your Sister journey on my blog.

Samuel Johnson (actor, voiceover artist and all round nice guy) spent one year riding more than 15,000 km on a unicycle. He did it because his sister Connie is dying from breast cancer. It started off as a dare - Connie joked that he should unicycle around Australia, spreading the breast aware message as her legacy. He took on the challenge and raised over more than $1 Million for the Garvan Institute - the money goes towards breast cancer research. Together, Sam and Connie and the Love Your Sister team have raised awareness and money, and touched so many people on their journey.

I remember that Connie's prognosis was not good at the start of the Love Your Sister unicycle trip. Sam's send off was so emotional - no one was sure whether they'd be reunited after a year. But she was. She was there to greet Sam at the finsh line. Love Your Sister has buoyed Connie. And even after the unicycle ride, she's been touring and fundraising with Sam. She's still here.

When the ride finished, Sam made it his mission to make finding a cure for cancer through Love Your Sister his job. He and Connie have worked with Garvan, spoken at TedX (those are below) and met with the Prime Minister - all in the name of cancer research and awareness. It's given him a new lease on life too. I was lucky to be invited to the Love Your Sister homecoming party on the day Sam returned. There was a special interview being filmed with Guy Pearce - and the conversation was raw. The guests were in tears. I think Love Your Sister has not only prolonged Connie's life but saved Sam. Watch that interview here.

Somehow in between working with Garvan, fundraising, film making and Connie's treatment, Samuel and Connie have found time to write a book!

Here's what publisher Hachette has to say about the book:

"In their book, LOVE YOUR SISTER, these two remarkable Australians share their tale, from their childhood, through to the finish line and beyond in this truly unique story. Part memoir, part travel diary, part conversation, LOVE YOUR SISTER is an inspiring and unforgettable book that shows just how far one man will go for his sister."

You can purchase it on Booktopia, Bookworld, or iTunes. A portion of the sales will go to the Garvan Institute.

I'm excited to give a copy away. Tell me what extreme you'd go to to help your sister (or loved one) fight their biggest battle. Competition closes Tuesday 4 November at 5.00 pm.

Donate to Love Your Sister

Watch my video with Samuel

Read about the Llfe Your Sister return







  1. My sister and very best friend lost her battle with T cell lymphoma in 2006. I would do anything for her and miss her everyday. There is a 250 mile trip between us (when she was on earth). I drove those miles every Thursday so I could take her to her weekly treatments. I never missed an appointment in Birmingham (450 mike round trip) or Atlanta Ga. ( 400 round trip). Or any hospital stay in Opelika, Birmingham or Atlanta. At that time I had a full time job and two children in college. Funds were limited. But I was always by her side. I loved her dearly and I miss her everyday. I hate cancer and what it does to families. I admire these people I likely will never meet. I would love to have the book

  2. I'd donate an organ if it meant that it would save my brother's life. Because I wouldn't just be saving my brother, but I'd be saving a father, a husband, a son ...... he means so much to so many people. I couldn't imagine the effect it would have on his 3 young children - to grow up without a father being there for you has the potential to be a very sad experience.


  3. I would go to the end of the earth & back as many times it took to bring my brother back. Cancer took him at the young age of 68.

  4. The special relationship between Samuel & Connie is inspiring & heartbreaking at the same time. I have followed Samuel's journey on his unicycle and I'm still in awe of what he has achieved. Every time I see & hear Samuel speak I also see myself. My beautiful sister Charmaine was cruelly taken from my family about 3 years ago due to losing her battle with cancer. I wish it was true when people say that time heals as it hasn't healed a bit since we lost Charmaine. Charmaine was only 37 when she passed away leaving behind 2 young children that will never be the same again. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness that I still continue to battle with. The support my sister gave me over the following 7 years was nothing short of amazing and is probably one of the reasons that I'm still here. During Charmaine's 2 year battle with cancer, I used to will myself to die if it meant that Charmaine would be spared as she had children & I don't have any children myself. I'm still hoping for some sort of miracle for Connie so Samuel can be spared any more grief. 'Love Your Sister' is sure to be an inspirational read although I know I will need a few boxes of tissues when I read it.

    1. Hey Chris I'd love it if you could drop me a line with yoir email address through true contact form on my blog :) thanks!


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