14 April 2015

My story on The Mirror and Huffington Post Italy.

The Reddit story keeps on giving. Over the last two days, the story about how I defended myself on Reddit has resurfaced. I've been on The UK Mirror and Irish Mirror websites, and also the Huffington Post in Italy. I'm pleased with how my story has been represented. And I especially like the poll at the bottom of the Mirror articles - asking people if I've educated them about ichthyosis - as a friend said, it's a testament to the work I do. The comments have been surprisingly, overwhelmingly positive.

Daily Mirror article about Carly Findlay
Huffington post article about Carly findlay

If you've come here from the News sites, you can:find out more about Ichthyosis, and read more about me. You can also read stories from others affected by Ichthyosis.

Watch me talk about how it gets better.


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  1. Great video Carly. You speak so well. I loved hearing the birds cheaping in background and children playing!


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