25 April 2015

One plus four equals life - sickness, rest, donations and a party.

Hello! Happy Saturday. I've been awake since 3.30 am as I drove Adam into the ANZAC Day service - and later I'll go with him to check out the poppies in the city. It's time for one plus four equals life again - it's a great way to reflect on the week.

I've been unwell this week - just a cold - but enough to stop me and make me realise I must rest. I'm allergic to cold and flu tablets so it's been lemon and honey and brandy, and chicken soup for healing. I had Wednesday off work and spent the whole day in bed watching movies. I felt so rested. And now my cold is nearly gone.
Things are coming together so well for the Australian Ichthyosis meet. I've been seriously busy with preparation. Every day a new package (or seven!) arrives, filled with giveaways for the guests. My living room is stacked with boxes of stuff. These bags will hold those giveaways - they were generously donated by Brad from Your Name Here Promos. If you want to donate, you can still do so here. I am overwhelmed with how generous people and companies have been - thank you everyone!

We spent some time at a craft market on Sunday, and on the walk there, I admired the autumn colours. Aren't these colours just beautiful?

Last night was Camille's birthday party - my second party of the night! We celebrated at a luxe bar - I was so happy to be sitting near a fire place.

Finally, it's ANZAC day today - I shared something about it on my Facebook Page. Lest we forget - not just those who served 100 years ago, but those affected by present day wars.

I hope your day is good, whatever you're doing.

Ps: If you've come here from The Mighty, thank you! Here's more info on Ichthyosis. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


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