11 April 2015

One plus four equals life.

Windows, Sky with one plus four = life

I've been wanting to do a regular weekend post for a while. And I think I can commit to this! Pip has started this photo challenge called One + Four = Life. She explains: "The idea is that each week you choose four images to sum up the week, and you publish them on your blog or Instagram or Facebook." You should take part too!

So, my week. It's been quite busy - tying up loose ends and doing social things at night. I've also been sore. Here's my life this week.

Adam Hills and  Carly Findlay after Melbourne comedy festival

I met Adam Hills in his robe after his comedy festival show. He is a lovely guy! His show has been my favourite - he's so friendly and funny - a genuinely nice person.

Carly Findlay and fiance candid photos

On Monday we had dinner with some friends who moved to Perth. There was a $10 Parma special on - and I took half mine home for lunch the next day. I love these candid shots of Adam and I. Cute!

BlogShine with Carly Findlay logo - a yellow sun.

I've been busy designing an eCourse (on blogging of course!). The first step is creating a small course in ebook form for members of a disability advocacy organisation. And the next step is to put that information (plus heaps more) on a website for the course that I will deliver to new bloggers. It's been fun, though challenging as I've been teaching myself page layout. Lila Wolff designed my awesome logo - her suggestions helped me come up with the name. I'm so excited!

And last night we had some delicious flavoured milk from a cute cafe - we added Baileys to it! I love these handmade cups that I bought for my 32nd birthday. So cheerful

Milk in yellow and orange ceramic cups

Next week is going to be a busy one too! I'm travelling and adjusting to a new role. And I have to make finishing arrangements for the Ichthyosis meet, plus start editing the stories for Ichthyosis awareness month. Am I busy enough?

Thank you for your lovely comments on Thursday's identity crisis post too. I felt so uplifted and reassured that I'm not alone. My community is the best!

I'm awake so early! The alarm has just gone off - and I'm so excited because Adam chose a Savage Garden song for the alarm. I love those little things! Mum is here today and we will have a lovely day together, shopping and eating. I can't wait to see her :)

Have a great day!

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  1. hugh hefner would be proud of the shot with Adam Hills. Nice. Good luck with Blog Shine, look forward to hearing how it goes, I'm sure it will be awesome.


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