18 April 2015

One plus four equals life. Midweek travel and media.

Purple shoes and pink tights

It's Saturday! And I'm doing Pip's One plus four = life again. This is SO going to be a regular thing! I've been waiting for Saturday to roll around again because t's been such a busy week, and I've been sore. And there's also so much to do for Ichthyosis Awareness Month (IAM) and the Ichthyosis meet. I'm quite nervous about getting it all done, really.

Today I am off to a craft market, will grab some groceries then settle on the couch for a big editing and uploading session - so many stories for IAM have come in and I'm thankful and excited. But here's a really good tip - even if you aren't a natural writer, take pride in what you contribute for guest blog posts. Be punctual, run spell check and supply all photos you'd like used yourself - it's a huge job for the hosting blogger!

Mum was down last week, though I only got to see her on Saturday. It was a busy day, but great to see her - I wish I could see her more. She bought me an amazing red leather jacket she sourced at the opshop - I am very lucky!

Carly Findlay and her mum

I flew to Canberra mid week and seriously could not stop taking photos of the view from my balcony. How pretty is it?! This was the sunset:

Canberra sunset, april 2015

And this was the sunrise. Beautiful.

Canberra sunrise, april 2015

I had a nice time in Canberra, despite being sore - it was good to meet people I work with in person. And after a hectic load of writing earlier in the week, it was nice to use the plane trip and hotel stay just to rest, read and listen to podcasts! I discovered NPR's Snap Judgment - last week's episode featured a story about kids' dermatology camp, and the hierarchy of severity. Difficult to hear, but worth a listen.

Finally, it's been a week of exciting, global media for me! I've had a little thing about finding my tribe republished on ABC Open. And I've been in the Danish and Italian media since I wrote about the Mirror and Huffington Post. On one hand - it's exciting to be featured and for publications to link back to my blog, but I do wish they'd ask permission!

Carly findlay in Danish media

How's your week been?


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