08 June 2013

Stuff I love

I've been wondering how and where I should file the good awesome things I see on the Internet. I tweet, bookmark and email myself so many links, but they're not all in one spot. Can anyone recommend a clippings service? Meanwhile, I'll just post some of the awesome things I've seen on the Internet (and elsewhere) here.

Baby animal

Pip Lincolne finds the best stuff to share on the Just B Facebook page. Seriously, like the page - it's guaranteed to make you smile. Pip shared this picture on Friday. Everyone say "awww". The cuteness.


I love this version of Daft Punk's 'Up All Night' by young Aussie band San Cisco. I loves it MUCH MORE than the original. It's via Triple J.

Appearance diversity

Changing Faces has put out a great resource for people who ask what do they say to someone who looks different?. Because, bafflingly, some people's manners seem to take a walk when they encounter people with visible differences, and there other people who really do care about how to be sensitive when asking questions about appearance. Download it here.

There's a new blogger on the block - The Matter With Megan - who writes about life with the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa. She's written a great piece telling people not to pray for her at airports. I love her style.


Strangely I only wear gold jewellery when it features another colour with it. I picked up this (pea)cocktail ring from Lovisa on Thursday - I've been thinking about it for a week and a half. Love!

Blog post

This post on Kiki and Tea by Tamsin asking whether blogging contributes to mental illness was the best blog post I've read last week - and it addressed some topics I've been hesitant to write about here, though I have danced around the topic on this post back in April. I admire Tamsin's courage in writing her blog post, and as always, it's beautiful, insightful writing.

Blogging tips

While the title of this piece is a little negative, there are some great tips in here for bloggers. 12 Reasons You Won't 'Make It' as a Blogger (Via I Love Independent Fashion Bloggers). I really like the advice that blogging takes hard work and patience. Success doesn't just happen.


14 year old artist Zev creates landscapes, shrinking himself into the photos. They remind me of Enid Blyton books. So enchanting.

You can view Zev's photos on Flickr and he also has a blog. (I came across Zev and sourced that picture above from News Limited.)

☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥

They're all my finds this week - what are you loving?

Should I make this a regular thing?

Tell me about clippings services/apps?


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  1. I love this Carly! Yes make it a regular thing. That San Cisco version of Daft Punk is awesome. YOu have great taste in music, except Darren hayes - but each to their own ;)

    I will check out that post about blogging and mental health. I missed it before. I write a lot about my depression and anxiety and I think blogging about it helps not hinders it. I don't know where I'd be today quite frankly if it wasn't for my blog!

    Great finds!


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