22 June 2013

Crafty little hottie.

I made this for the Hottie Challenge, coordinated by Camille, to raise money for heart and lung transplant research.

The bouquet is for Camille's angel donor, and the butterfly is to represent Camille's new life.

For once, my craft turned out the same in real life as it looked in my head! I bought a hot water bottle cover - it's knitted from Target - and a bunch of fake flowers (which actually look quite pretty) plus some wire cutters, and snipped at the stems and leaves to create a flat bouquet. It's secured to the hot water bottle cover with superglue.

You can see some of the wonderful hotties on Camille's blog or search #hottiechallenge2013 on Instagram . Everyone's done such a great job :) Camille has made me laugh with her creation!

The hotties will be on display and for sale at Open Drawer on 7 July 2013

Visit Donate Life for more information about registering to be an organ and tissue donor.


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