05 June 2013

Outrage - is this anger my happiness? [A poem]

When you spend a lot of time on social media like I do, you encounter some strong personalities and see a lot of outrage.
They say that you should be scared before publishing your work, and I do feel a little scared.
Here's a poem with my observations about outrage and issue turf wars on social media.


I own that issue

And. Don't. You. Dare. Talk. About. It. Like. You. Know. About. It.

Unless you're a card carrying member.

I'll shout you down until you agree that




Be quiet.

My voice will shout the loudest,

And my keystrokes will be faster than my angry heart rate,

I'll have a comeback for anything you post,

I'm eternally riled.

Is this anger my happiness?


You aren't engaging in a discussion.




The outrage, it's oxygen. It's adrenaline.

It's pack mentality and screen shotted evidence.

It's validation.

It's passive aggression,

And sometimes it's just aggression.


It's a swiftly driven bandwagon,

Stopping at another station tomorrow -

And if there's no outrage station,

I'll sure as hell create one.


I have all the life experience!

All the situational experience!

And yours does not matter.


Don't tread on my patch of the Internet.



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Mel
      It's actually a series of observations about people's behaviour on social media, not me talking to anyone in particular :) so perhaps harsh, but not from my end.

  2. I can think of so many issues for which this is true. We could all do to listen more, with open ears and hearts.

  3. Fab Carly! I've long believed that we as humans enjoy being outraged. It has an addictive, alive quality that we perhaps don't always get through other facets of everyday life. It's not always helpful but that's humanity isn't it? X


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